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by Ragni
08 Aug 2019 09:46
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Re: Layman guild global review
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Re: Layman guild global review

Draugor wrote:*whispers seductively in Armans ear* Open blademasters to all weapons, it's the right thing to do.
I second that, would love to try a Gladiator/Weaponmaster combination.

by Ragni
20 Sep 2018 23:23
Forum: Common Board
Topic: PC Gamer to feature Genesis
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Re: PC Gamer to feature Genesis

Arman wrote:I am keen to get a hardcopy... but doesn't look like it is easy to get posted internationally to the other side of the world to the UK.

If anyone finds out a way to do it let me know :)
I can always buy an extra copy and post it to you.

by Ragni
10 Apr 2018 08:56
Forum: General Board
Topic: Brown Shards
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Brown Shards

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I'm still looking for Brown oblong, solid and narrow shards if anyone still has
Please get in touch to discuss a deal.
by Ragni
18 Jan 2018 12:21
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Shieldbearers recode
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Shieldbearers recode

Any news on the proposed recode of the Shieldbearers ?
It would be nice know how the timescales of the recode compare with the Warlocks as I'd like to try both guilds.

by Ragni
30 Apr 2017 19:29
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Topic: Game show some text when a corpse with imbuement items spawn
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Re: Game show some text when a corpse with imbuement items s

Tarax the Terrible wrote:Someone told me <get imbued items from corpse> works
so that is a bit less spammy at least.
<get imbued items from corpse> does work I've used it as part of my triggers for ages.

by Ragni
31 Mar 2017 00:02
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Topic: Gizmo maintenance
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Re: Gizmo maintenance

Cherek wrote:
nils wrote:

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Armageddon tells everyone: Tell me (do not commune) if you want to be sent
home. NOTE: As favour to Cotillion, no item will fail to glow.
Any chance of recovering items that haven't carried over the Armageddon ? Some of the guild racks are empty.


by Ragni
01 Feb 2016 19:41
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Mapping Tools
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Re: Mapping Tools

Those maps were created with the cmud mapper. They're also accurate and from what I can tell don't need updating. But good luck. They are very much out of date for example the Sparkle one doesn't have the Library, Enchanter, Orc camp...
by Ragni
26 Dec 2015 00:27
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Auction House Bug - Item disappearing
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Re: Auction House Bug - Item disappearing

I've exactly the same problem as Creed and it's been going on for about 6 months.

Thought it was a bug that affected just me but maybe there was a glitch in the AH about 6 months ago.
by Ragni
23 Mar 2015 22:43
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Topic: Players for Hire
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Re: Players for Hire

As an expansion of this idea would it be useful to have a short term notice board in Sparkle, In a mud I once played there was an old tree with notices pinned on it which acted as a very short term notice board. These notices lasted until the player logged out our they returned and tore them down. N...
by Ragni
18 Feb 2015 00:57
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Topic: A brute system revision
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Re: A brute system revision

Agree to disagree. I have no problem at all with you enjoying questing. I am glad you do. I don't, and as long as I am forced to do it while: A. Syntax in some of the quests is a joke, requiring leaps of thinking that make NO sense. B. Quest mobs are required that are slaughtered as part of someone...