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by Navarre
04 Feb 2016 18:51
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Castaneda and Hektor harassed me enough. I will be there.
by Navarre
29 Dec 2013 05:21
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Karg Camp?
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Re: Karg Camp?

I hadn't been following the board for a while, and was made aware of the gont issue today.
With thanks to Mercade for granting me access, the issue was fixed.
by Navarre
08 Mar 2013 21:44
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Pay to Slay?
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Re: Pay to Slay?

Today it is pretty hard to kill anyone; for most people. People can pretty easily run away and avoid getting killed. So it takes a lot of effort to finally get someone killed, especially the bigger players. What makes you go through all the effort to plan for someone to die? You have to dislike some...
by Navarre
17 Feb 2011 06:24
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: WoHS
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Re: WoHS

Louie did a lot of great work on the WoHS.

If you can persuade him to come back... who knows maybe he could finish the WoHS!