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by Avarel
27 Nov 2018 23:41
Forum: Pictures
Topic: Genesis Merch!
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Re: Genesis Merch!

Have to agree with Cherek, November is too early to put up a tree. A couple of weeks before Christmas is early enough.
by Avarel
17 Nov 2017 18:16
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Rangers dropbrwaling Barash
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Re: Rangers dropbrwaling Barash

I agree with Drazson. Rangers are very underpowered in most respects. We have a few useful skills/abilities which you would see taken away from us, turning us into underpowered mercs with some healing ability (or would you see the healing removed as well). That being said, the Rangers are badly in n...
by Avarel
18 Jun 2017 02:23
Forum: Character Backgrounds
Topic: What does your character name say about him/her
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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

About time I posted here. I have been meaning to for a while. Avarel is based on "avar" which is quenya for "to deny". The "el" at the end is a common quenya nomative form turning a word into a name. So Avarel is a nomative form meaning "denier" or "denial". I deny the power of the East. I chose the...
by Avarel
06 Jun 2017 07:10
Forum: Humor
Topic: In game humor
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Re: In game humor

Cool, Asterix the Gaul. Love it. Been many years since I've read the comix (oops, now called graphic novels, aren't they).
by Avarel
04 Jun 2017 06:02
Forum: Humor
Topic: In game humor
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Re: In game humor

This is the magnificent ship, Fairview. Wind rolls around you, only to be impeded by the sails. A cabin resides in the aft portion of the ship, while a ladder leads down to the rowing deck. From anywhere on main deck, you are able to get an excellent view of your surroundings. There are three obvio...
by Avarel
27 May 2017 07:46
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Treehouses
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Re: Treehouses

Look in the orchard in the northeast corner of Bree.
by Avarel
27 May 2017 07:44
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Imladris
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Re: Imladris

There you go. Elrond's River suffers no evil to cross it.
by Avarel
03 Apr 2017 17:10
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Super strength
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Re: Super strength

You are looking for the Army of Darkness in Emerald.
by Avarel
27 Oct 2016 06:24
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: What are you reading right now?
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Re: What are you reading right now?

Unfortunately, not the only one. I remember that too, and thinking the 5 1/4" floppy drive was a real breakthrough.