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by Lavellan
14 Apr 2011 18:36
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: it says "advice which guilds to choose"
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Re: it says "advice which guilds to choose"

It's rather hard to interpret your results when you have two "5"s. ;)
by Lavellan
21 Mar 2011 20:31
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: decorated Iron Champron.
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Re: decorated Iron Champron.

Fixed. Merry Christmas! ;)
by Lavellan
17 Mar 2011 18:26
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Imbuements
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Re: Imbuements

Please mail me in-game with exactly what was lost, and from which racks.
by Lavellan
14 Aug 2010 08:27
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Gems and bank
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Re: Gems and bank

Sing me up for that list. Also, it would be nice to see _where_ you have your gems deposited. All it says is "you have gems in another branch but not here". I once forgot where I had my gems which provided quite troublesome... I'll leave it for a minstrel to sing you up. :D But the gem location lis...