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by Nomm
25 Sep 2018 18:47
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Who are the strongest bosses?
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Re: Who are the strongest bosses?

That guy in Terel, that broke all your bones? Cant remember his name, but how bad was he? Did he have anything useful?
by Nomm
28 Nov 2015 07:37
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Auction House Stats
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Re: Auction House Stats

Very enjoyable reading!
Thanks for the great work Mortis!
by Nomm
20 Nov 2015 07:00
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Auction house
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Auction house

Would it be possible to post some statistics over the Auction House?
Most sold item
Most expensive item
Number of sold items

Just for fun..
or would this be of benefit for players ingame?
by Nomm
05 Oct 2014 18:19
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Guild quickfix
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Guild quickfix

I wonder will quickfixes be considered in the guilds that are waiting for recode? There are some guilds that are very weak that could be made more fun for players.
by Nomm
21 Feb 2014 23:11
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Anniversary - What Do We Want?
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Re: Anniversary - What Do We Want?

I think it is important to keep it simply. Set a goal that is easy to fix, and if we get more, even better. On another mud, each christmas there was double-xp during christmas days. You were simply rewarded double in combat experience while fighting. An event would be nice, could be some kind of col...
by Nomm
31 Aug 2013 16:54
Forum: Web Client General Discussion
Topic: New Official Client Unveiled for Testing!
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Re: New Official Client Unveiled for Testing!

Could it not be possible to have the client check if you are a wizard or not when you try to use ;?

I also wonder, is there a way to have the client sent repeatable commands, such as #18 e, to walk east 18 times?

I think the client is fantastic, I love the way the magical map is used, great work.
by Nomm
15 May 2013 07:24
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Mud client layout
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Re: Mud client layout

For me I like to have what people say, in a different window, so it dont scroll by, either during
combat or during running.

Kitriana, you can always do 'v mail' to see if you have new mail.
by Nomm
06 Mar 2013 19:51
Forum: Praise and Thanks
Topic: The magic recodes pacing up again...
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Re: The magic recodes pacing up again...

I can only agree. With all that is happening it feels very exciting
to be a part of Genesis at the moment.

Thank you for all effort and time you put into this recode.
by Nomm
28 Feb 2013 11:32
Forum: Common Board
Topic: End of February Update
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Re: End of February Update

It sounds very exciting all this. Motivates atleast me to play as well :)
by Nomm
28 Feb 2013 11:03
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Tricksters decomissioned
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Re: Tricksters decomissioned

Well, I fully understand that decision, and think its wise to put
the resources in the active guilds.

There are alot of nostalgic things in Genesis, and many memories,
but lets face it, we cannot have it all.