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by Boreaulam
02 Nov 2020 16:29
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: 1 minute delay
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Re: 1 minute delay

May be after bid is put item stays at auction for another 5 minute even if maximum price reached?
In that case people will be able to bid over max price.
It will allow to slow typers as Budwise to have a chance?
by Boreaulam
31 Aug 2020 20:47
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Important update to Genesis rules
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Re: Important update to Genesis rules

Isn't gambling outside the game for in-game currency is a violation of #3 by itself?

Should we delete both related parties?
by Boreaulam
26 May 2020 09:01
Forum: Game - General
Topic: About Quest XP
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Re: Drow and Minas Tirith - latest status?

My favorite quest is Noigo Maze from Cadu, most hated quest in game but when you complete it there is a sense of accomplishment. And then you see just how much exp it gives and you go right back to hating it. I second it I think that this quest should be reward as big BIG quest. No solution file ma...
by Boreaulam
20 Jun 2019 18:16
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: What are you reading right now?
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Re: What are you reading right now?


Don't read it. Very shallow, one-sided, terrible book.
by Boreaulam
30 Aug 2018 17:20
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Topic: Problems if we get too many newbies
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Re: Problems if we get too many newbies

Perhaps to make LD period - 12/24 hours.

So equipment saves only if you play. if you don't... share with others.
by Boreaulam
20 Aug 2018 23:24
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: An iOS app?
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Re: An iOS app?

I use MUDRammer
Not excellent, but playing from phone is not great experience anyway
by Boreaulam
26 Jan 2018 21:14
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: Demons gate
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Re: Demons gate

What is the link?
by Boreaulam
04 Oct 2017 21:14
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Topic: Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...
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Re: Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...

So, Amberlee, I am here to tell you that I think your concern that game imbalance is due to having inequality in the average of modifier divided by six is a complete delusion. You say "you shouold get the same number." Tell me ... why? Why should it add up to the same number when you divide by six?...
by Boreaulam
24 Aug 2017 06:44
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Dragonarmy revisited
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Re: Dragonarmy revisited

Amberlee wrote:Welcome to the death of evil guilds in Genesis.
Hope the people in charge are proud.
Well RDA is pretty active
by Boreaulam
12 Jun 2017 21:19
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Ride on, Cherek!
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Re: Ride on, Cherek!

Thank you, Cherek

As inexperienced wizard I have nothing but admiration for your help and dedication to make Genesis the great place.

I wish you luck in your new beginning and hope to see you back.