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by Shanoga
25 Jan 2020 04:09
Forum: Common Board
Topic: A Keeper Steps Down ...
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Re: A Keeper Steps Down ...

Gorboth, Thank you for all you have done in your role as Keeper! I look forward to seeing what lies in store under Cherek's watchful gave and from the Cult now that you'll have fewer distractions (from me and others) pulling you away. Cherek! I have needed to poke my head in more often and checking ...
by Shanoga
03 Sep 2019 18:25
Forum: Logs and Stories
Topic: A Very Long Time Ago
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Re: A Very Long Time Ago

Cherek wrote:
30 Aug 2019 17:51
That said, I personally think it would be a fun event, and I have poked around a little at the code. But if another wizard reads this and thinks "Hey, I would love a wizday and would love to help make it happen", you know where to find me!
*raises his hand*
by Shanoga
05 Aug 2019 15:25
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Topic: Layman guild global review
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Re: Layman guild global review

Draugor wrote:Please atleast launch some viable non magical laymans then that done lock weapons or align in so people can join something else now that warlocks will become useless :P
You already have three to choose from: Pirates, Minotaurs, or Dragon Order
:D :D
by Shanoga
03 Jun 2019 19:13
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: rainstorms
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Re: rainstorms

Ideas like these are great. I agree that a more immersive world is wonderful. From a technical standpoint, something like rain is extremely complicated to implement on a global scale at this point. It would probably be possible to apply weather effects to an entire domain, but (again) very complicat...
by Shanoga
03 Jun 2019 19:06
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Topic: Azure sword, but for evils
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Re: Azure sword, but for evils

Are the flaming gloves from Tyr useful? Unfortunately, the flaming gloves from Tyr are minimally useful. They do seem to add some fire damage, but the fire only burns if there is nothing in your hands (no weapons or shields). Also, the gloves are destroyed if they leave your inventory (dropped or i...
by Shanoga
10 May 2019 01:41
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Topic: Attention Newbies - Going Home
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Attention Newbies - Going Home

Greetings Denizens, especially Newbies! First of all, welcome to Genesis. We are excited to have you here and share this wonderful world with you. Now the reason for this announcement: A change has come to the magick of the Newbie pin. It still has the power to send you <home> but the magick has gr...
by Shanoga
30 Apr 2019 21:27
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Quests with alignment restrictions
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Re: Quests with alignment restrictions

Shanoga, there are already mirror quests in the game. So it is possible to have them setup so people aren't able to do both sides. Indeed. That's why they aren't listed above. But mirror quests were designed as mirror quests in the first place. To go back and try to design mirrors into the existing...
by Shanoga
28 Apr 2019 19:37
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Quests with alignment restrictions
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Re: Quests with alignment restrictions

It seems we are all on in agreement that change is needed and we're trying to come up with an idea that we all agree is a solution. Meercat, you make a good point in suggesting a temporary patch and I think something temporary is the best result from the current discussion. I have yet to write a que...
by Shanoga
01 Mar 2019 20:42
Forum: Web Client General Discussion
Topic: Health level trigger
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Re: Health level trigger

That problem is that the GMCP package is sent multiple times at each health level, so it is sending 4 packages at "feeling very well" even if it is rapidly changing.
by Shanoga
01 Mar 2019 19:49
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Topic: Morgal Mages?
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Re: Morgal Mages?

Draugor wrote:
Arsonist wrote:Sigh, I guess If thats the cost for power.
Naa, RPing on discord and the forum makes them look like idiots, doesent give power :P Its some ego thing ;)
I've always thought it's fun! I've also always been intimidated by them...