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by Watchereye
07 Dec 2018 15:42
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: time to evaluate the perma-everything change?
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Re: time to evaluate the perma-everything change?

Hey there, I am not for posting here often, but want to throw in my two cents. The change is great I think, for everybody alike, newbie or not. It brings a lot of nice things. There is only one true thing wrong and that is the existence of non-dulling, non-breaking equipment, combined with the (very...
by Watchereye
17 Nov 2018 14:21
Forum: General Board
Topic: An Ode to a Special Person
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An Ode to a Special Person

These are the days as they have always been in this dreaming place, go out in the wilds facing great dangers clothed in mithril plates, we step out of ourselves, choose awesome abilities, looks and race, going about facerolling keyboards, killing at unbelievable rates. Then came the day that agains...
by Watchereye
11 Nov 2018 23:46
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Imbuements and balance
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Re: Imbuements and balance

Monks get to attack with two hands AND two feet. That's four attacks. Most weapon users only use 1 (two-handed) weapon. My understanding of fire-slay is that the damage of the imbue is independent of the weapon's damage. That leads me to think that monk hand spikes/claws/gloves that go on both hand...