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by Mirandus
02 Apr 2020 17:54
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Gnomish Automotans
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Gnomish Automotans

<r><CODE><s>[code]</s>Greetings Denizens of the Donut, It has been sometime since we were plagued with those dreaded Gnomish automotans. Those which appear to be mortals enjoying the realms but are in reality meer works of gnomish ingenuity. While they are marvels of engineering, they unfortunately ...
by Mirandus
22 Jan 2020 19:34
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Noldor Horsemaster
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Re: Noldor Horsemaster

This is an ongoing issue resulting from many people having horses :)

I'd contact the guildmaster and liege of the domain (Finwe) as he could likely help out. Arch of Players typically don't take action related to guilds like this without consulting the Liege anyways (unless there is no liege).
by Mirandus
22 Jan 2020 19:31
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Deleting Personal Obselete Characters
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Re: Deleting Personal Obselete Characters

Good Day Folks, I suppose I'll need to pay more attention on the forms for questions like these. Typically we do not just delete characters. If you are done playing them, just leave them. Deleting characters of a certain age requires banishing their name, so it's not like the name is opened for use....
by Mirandus
10 Jan 2020 19:36
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Newbie Pin Update
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Newbie Pin Update

<r><CODE><s>[code]</s>Greetings Denizens of the Donut, As you all know, we are forutnate to have a system of communication that allows new players to the realms to seek assistance from those of us who have been in the realms for a long while. This mystical pin which grants us these abilities, the ne...
by Mirandus
21 Mar 2019 19:12
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Auction House - Update
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Auction House - Update

Greetings Denizens of the Donut, I have had many of you contact me with regards to Rommik and the Auction House. If you recall my previous post, I am trying to get specific details about items lost. In talking with Rommik we have agreed the best way to deal with lost items for the time being is to ...
by Mirandus
05 Mar 2018 03:55
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Kalad Road Map
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Kalad Road Map

A lot has already been accomplished within the Domain of Kalad. Zignur has done incredible work and I've done a bit too. So, we have managed to move the Thanarian order back to the city in a new Cathedral. The fight with Urian is more fun, dangerous and rewarding. Over the next year here are some th...
by Mirandus
27 Feb 2018 23:39
Forum: Character Backgrounds
Topic: What does your character name say about him/her
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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

I like this thread, quite a lot.

Mirandus is latin for: wonder, marvelous, wondered, remarkable, astonishing, curious. As I really enjoy the Kender roleplay, I decided to choose a name for my Kender Wizard that suited the race. I think it's quite apt and a name I've come to enjoy using.
by Mirandus
14 Feb 2018 18:18
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Thanarian Order
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Thanarian Order

Greetings Denizens of the Donut, As I am sure you are well aware, the Thanarian Order has existed within the realms for as long as I can remember. They have taken a hard stance on the presence of demi-humans within the realms and have long been quite violent and hateful. The order has taken a look ...
by Mirandus
18 Jan 2018 22:32
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Website Update
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Re: Website Update

by Mirandus
16 Jan 2018 03:19
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Exploiting odd behaviours
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Re: Exploiting odd behaviours

There are a lot of types of bugs, The one's I am talking about are ones that give you some sort of benefit you wouldn't normally get. If an NPC sees in the dark/doesn't that's not critical. If you can clone items, or sell something for WAY more then it costs to buy, or something that grants you a be...