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by Drazson
11 Jun 2021 08:48
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Patch week!
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Re: Patch week!

About casters needing more stats. Yes, that's how it is currently. At least if the caster is tanking. You can certainly focus 100% on your mentals as long you don't take any hits. You seem to address the inequality, yet this small segment is very, very dangerous. "At least if the caster is tanking"...
by Drazson
08 Jun 2021 08:32
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Beta caster system..
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Re: Beta caster system..

There must be various reasons MM was chosen in order to test the new framework for magic and that is more than fine, they already sacrificed something important and are now the Wizards' guinea pigs so power to them. Since this is openly a testing situation I suggest making them unable to attack play...
by Drazson
28 May 2021 18:32
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hi and cheers to all and sundry
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Re: Hi and cheers to all and sundry

Welcome then! Glad you're having fun :)
by Drazson
12 Apr 2021 09:22
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Underlying cause and proposed solution to broken trust
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Re: Underlying cause and proposed solution to broken trust

"Huge" imbalance. Having a low awareness sucks but it is not that imbalanced in my opinion. I assume after the "Gargantuan" changes to magic come around all the guilds will be re-reviewed, magic or otherwise. We all wait our turn. Some have been for 20 years actually and will still be in the line fo...
by Drazson
08 Apr 2021 10:30
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Autohunting vs Autotracking
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Re: Autohunting vs Autotracking

Does tracking not have a search time? Last I used it I'm pretty sure it had, unless the guild has/had non-standardized track? (Was also "missing" in my attempts, mixing up trails but let's say I'm just bad at tracking)
by Drazson
07 Apr 2021 09:33
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Close the thief guild!
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Re: Close the thief guild!

Regarding the "asshats" and the "abuse", I can only assume you are referring to something like the Bloody Sunday incident - where it was not a thief but an FK. In my opinion, both guilds are something that brings value to the game and something to keep around, not innately abusive guilds (even if I'...
by Drazson
24 Mar 2021 18:29
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Balances, or whatever
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Re: Balances, or whatever

It does sound like you probably won't.
by Drazson
10 Mar 2021 13:38
Forum: Common Board
Topic: The changes continue!
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Re: The changes continue!

There are a *lot* of guilds involved. I am not sure how to report things in terms of keeping the veil of mystery on guilds.
by Drazson
10 Mar 2021 13:32
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Upcoming Changes.
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Re: Upcoming Changes.

Impressive display of passive-aggressive negativity, winks for everyone and concluding in a fake smile. You never disappoint! Such an ode to the art of tactless strong-arming is most welcome, a fresh reminder for the old and the young.
by Drazson
08 Mar 2021 02:04
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Options pvp on/off.
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Re: Options pvp on/off.

I do think there is a strong case to be made for being unable to start fights in some particular areas - maybe you can but guards show up. So I answered "No", quite a lot closer than your "middle" ground option.