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by Anfalas
10 Sep 2020 01:45
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Master of all trades, but jack of none?
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Re: Master of all trades, but jack of none?

No. Redblade attempted to do that. The fact is that it's a layman under the complete control of a goodie OCC guild. It really ends there. And that makes it not neutral? I've seen a BDA/Worshipper traveling with a Cleric, it's not as if there's any issue with evil Worshippers. Not seen any issue wit...
by Anfalas
09 Sep 2020 14:10
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Master of all trades, but jack of none?
Replies: 54
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Re: Master of all trades, but jack of none?

Amberlee, of all the layman options with healing powers only OotS and Heralds are restricted to good align (worshippers, minstrels and locks can all be joined by evils). Which is why I added all except Worshippers on both evil and good. Not worshippers though they are inherently good. They are run ...
by Anfalas
27 Aug 2020 05:36
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: plexus
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Re: plexus

I can think of a lot of examples of things that don't make sense, Goldbezie. There are mobs that a titan caster can easily kill, that myth fighters struggle mightily with, and vice versa. Having said that, most everyone agrees that Monks need some changes. But with volunteers required to code those ...
by Anfalas
11 Jul 2020 05:50
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Changes to ogre weapons
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Re: Changes to ogre weapons

I don't think that they expressly knew that the creator of the AoD only wanted ogres to use them, and were intentionally distributing them regardless. It's my understanding that the AoD help files do not state "In no circumstance are these weapons to be distributed." If this were true, the large di...
by Anfalas
01 Jul 2020 19:23
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Is death or EQ-loss worse?
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Re: Is death or EQ-loss worse?

Death recovery is a finite amount of time based on how much effort you put towards grinding. Recovery of EQ is extremely random and would likely take longer to acquire the items versus recovering from a death. Even at Myth. If you're under myth in size, it's definitely easier to recover from the dea...
by Anfalas
17 May 2020 15:35
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Evil cities
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Re: Evil cities

I actually tracked how long it would take to go from damned to holy and vice versa last summer. I can't seem to find where I recorded the results. I seem to recall from damned to holy taking just shy of 4000 barrow wight kills. I think in the 3800-3900 range. These were chosen as most of the communi...
by Anfalas
17 Mar 2020 14:55
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Brainstorming alternatives to guild power transfer
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Re: Brainstorming alternatives to guild power transfer

Activitymeters, because they work. The simplest one works like this: Requires x hours of out of guildhall activity per z time. Clock counts downwards even if you are offline. If you play too little, you will be replaced, and you cant just quickly remedy it with some simple and mundane action. Optio...
by Anfalas
23 Feb 2020 23:04
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Mudlet Mapper(s)?
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Mudlet Mapper(s)?

Has anyone had any luck getting any of the mappers to work in Mudlet?
by Anfalas
17 Feb 2020 19:21
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Weapons & armours transparency
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Re: Weapons & armours transparency

We do have the compare <item 1> with <item2> for trying to determine whether an item is better than another. Perhaps expanding on that system might be easier?

There are a lot of challenges with the current compare system and it could definitely be retooled quite a bit.
by Anfalas
16 Feb 2020 14:48
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Ability Transparency
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Re: Ability Transparency

You could also have books in the sparkle library to detail general skills. Since there is already guild information there.. or perhaps there's an old retired adventurer in the new pub that you might be able to pry the information out of. Whether that's challengin them at arm wrestling to get an answ...