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by Orien
19 Jun 2017 10:02
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle
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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

'Victims' have I WIN BUTTON known as 'close all'.
Buy 2 packs from Sybarus, one for crucial items (always close this), one for non-crucial items can be open if you want.
Create aliases for open-put/get-close pack/jar and thief will find nothing to steal from you!!
by Orien
18 Mar 2017 08:22
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Where to find herbs?
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Re: Where to find herbs?

You can also join the Gardener of Gont craft guild. They provide you the neccessary things to become a herbalist.
by Orien
14 Mar 2017 18:03
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Pretty colors
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Re: Pretty colors

Is there anywhere
by Orien
09 Mar 2017 09:51
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Questing removes death recovery?
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Re: Questing removes death recovery?

It is true that questing raise your brute, but the "sacrificing stats-gain" is false to my opinion. I have a feeling quests also give you general/combat - non-permanent - exp also, hench why your brute raised. I usually questing to shorten my recovery. P.s: I have no proofs for what I said. Just my ...
by Orien
08 Mar 2017 10:58
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Magic Map Additions
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Re: Magic Map Additions

Ships still moves through rooms, atleast some of them in Sparkle!
You still can "exa view" If this is how you define surrounding!
by Orien
06 Mar 2017 01:30
Forum: Humor
Topic: You Get Made Fun Of
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Re: You Get Made Fun Of

Lelouch :lol:

That is a main character of a famous anime of Japan.
by Orien
05 Feb 2017 23:19
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: storytellersclub is not working at the moment
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Re: storytellersclub is not working at the moment

That sounds like one of my bug while writing script: gwc.connection.send('%%');
The above code send command %% to the server through script, well it was bugged and removed all codes from and below that line.
by Orien
07 Jan 2017 11:05
Forum: Common Board
Topic: First vs 1st
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Re: First vs 1st

@Morg Morg, a copper coin, a grotesque troll, ... exa it = exa morg exa second it = exa 2nd it = exa copper coin exa third it = exa 3rd it = exa grotesque troll * it * stands for everything, I guess that is what you are looking for! Thanks Cot for the update! P.s: DO NOT 'kill it' when teaming with ...
by Orien
26 Dec 2016 10:28
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Dexterity bonus
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Re: Dexterity bonus

GGs, brown boots, fur robe = speed = decrease skill cooldown => Useless for normal attacks and special attacks without speed in code equations. Faint cinnamon and red-runed greaves are roughly the same. Buy a shiny steel amulet to make you have newbie stats from Karkadelt, wear it and test it yourse...