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by Greneth
14 Jan 2021 20:31
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Newbie Command Name Change?
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Re: Newbie Command Name Change?

I don't personally care about stuff like this in a game where racism is promoted on the roleplay level. Dwarves hate Goblins just for being Goblins. Minas Tirith is so racist they can even look into your soul to know who you are. In fact, the only race/guild that isn't inherently racist in some way,...
by Greneth
11 Jan 2021 01:13
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: The rise of the Nameless Horror!
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Re: The rise of the Nameless Horror!

I voted no to the occupational Khiraa. However, if a racial or layman option opened? That would change to a yes instantly. As much fun and nostalgia, there is surrounding the guild I just dont want to see more occupational guilds atm. I think they would serve as a much better racial or layman option...
by Greneth
17 Aug 2020 19:51
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: PC Gamer Plug
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PC Gamer Plug ... _pcgamerfb

Little plug for us in PC Gamer again on Facebook last month.
by Greneth
05 Jul 2020 20:39
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Help for player returning after a long time
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Re: Help for player returning after a long time

Thank you for both of your suggestions. I ran the introduction with a new character, and it refreshed my memory quite a bit. However, I'm still stuck on an issue. If I remember correctly, each guild had particular commands to execute special attacks, actions, emotes, and non-combat skills. I went t...
by Greneth
03 Jul 2020 19:58
Forum: Game - General
Topic: What killed the PvP?
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Re: What killed the PvP?

Could just make Knights block global for everyone and give Knights something else.
by Greneth
02 Jul 2020 18:34
Forum: Keeper's Korner
Topic: Fact-checking and critical thinking
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Re: Fact-checking and critical thinking

And about Kenders... Why on earth would we be against _kenders_? Seriously? :) Can you come up with one reasonable explanation why me, Arman, Mirandus, and Carnak (who all in some way were involved in the recode) would be anti-kender biased? Why would we want the kender guild to fail? What reason c...
by Greneth
01 Jul 2020 23:21
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Is death or EQ-loss worse?
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Re: Is death or EQ-loss worse?

I say exp for your original question, but if we are looking to promote PvP just changing the penalities I dont feel would do much overall. It may play a part but there are much better ways through stat caps, racial balance, changing the leveling curve and PvP kill bonuses. Take the focus away from g...
by Greneth
26 May 2020 04:31
Forum: Game - General
Topic: About Quest XP
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Re: Drow and Minas Tirith - latest status?

Best quest in the game? Labal quest in Terel that was made few (10?) years ago. Just a great design -> with just a few locations but each having lots of stuff to do. Dunno who made it but kudos to him/her. Removing qexp as suggested by few won't result in influx of new players (doing quests with so...
by Greneth
19 May 2020 17:19
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Drow and Minas Tirith - latest status?
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Re: Drow and Minas Tirith - latest status?

Dhez wrote:
19 May 2020 13:00
If you feel there are guilds missing from the list you can always mail Gondor and let them know. I agree some should be added and some removed like Pirates and FK but its just that, my opinion.
by Greneth
19 May 2020 10:22
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Drow and Minas Tirith - latest status?
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Re: Drow and Minas Tirith - latest status?

The only reason they aren't hard coded evil is because, as I've stated before, the alignment system is flawed. But if players are struggling with them conceptually then maybe they should be. Until another system is in place I would +1 this. More people use it as an excuse to get around whatever obs...