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by Poultry
20 Mar 2020 04:38
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Topic: Quackzy
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<r><CODE><s>[code]</s>Quackzy is a savage senile male minotaur, presenting himself as: Quackzy De-Kaz of Mithas, the Powerful Gladiator of Athas and Musclebound Challenger of the Bloodsea Minotaurs, adept, male minotaur. He has scars on his left leg, right leg, nose, left arm, right arm, left hand, ...
by Poultry
27 Nov 2019 18:57
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Topic: Re: Josie
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Re: Josie

<r><CODE><s>[code]</s>Those of us who travel in darkness often prefer it that way. I would consider it to be agressive if someone were purposely lighting up my area as well. I did, after all, make it dark for a reason. Perhaps you share some of the blame here? Mother Poultry of the White <e>[/code]<...
by Poultry
28 Sep 2019 21:34
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Topic: Gorboth
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<r><CODE><s>[code]</s>_________________________________________________________________________ ( ( | The Donut spins 'round and 'round | | Past the moons and past the sun. | | And who should guard it, standing watch | | But our own keeper, Gorboth. | | | | He has survived another year-- | | And we ...
by Poultry
07 Jun 2019 08:30
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Topic: Azure sword, but for evils
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Re: Azure sword, but for evils

Zugzug, I'm with you. We need more balance. Wouldn't it be nice to see as many big good players as evil players? Especially combat stats. Let's get on making your sword as soon as we balance the size differences.

Mother Poultry

I believe this request is as ridiculous as yours.
by Poultry
06 Jun 2019 18:20
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Topic: Could use some help managing my equipment
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Re: Could use some help managing my equipment

I would also like to point out that scabbards suck, as a rule. There are thieves around. They can (last I checked) steal the weapon from your scabbard. You're best off wielding the weapon or storing it in a closed backpack. You should probably <keep> it first, so you don't sell the sword on accident.
by Poultry
25 May 2019 01:47
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Topic: Regarding quest experience
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Re: Regarding quest experience

I think there's one other point here as well, with Zugzug's assertion that the qxp cap should be raised. For that to happen, we'd need more quests. For more quests to happen, we'd need more people writing quests. So you could always wiz and write a few yourself. I would be willing to bet my (Genesis...
by Poultry
25 Nov 2018 21:00
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Topic: Alignment of grinding areas
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Re: Alignment of grinding areas

Why should the Rangers (or Knights?) care if I kill in Kabal. Kabal is evil, despite what the alignment says.

Personally, I'd like to see areas with good and evil aligned NCPs, so that you get some interaction between the good and evil forces in the game, but they're not sitting on top of each other.
by Poultry
25 Nov 2018 20:51
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Topic: Walking blobs of darkness.
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Re: Walking blobs of darkness.

1) The easiest way to combat the darkness is with a runed black bandana. 2) Then you are a beneficiary as well. The largest problem with darkness, IMHO, is that evil NPCs tend to see in the dark--draconians, orcs, goblins, trolls, etc--while good NPCs *ALL OF KABAL* don't. So if you're evil, you can...
by Poultry
22 Nov 2018 03:24
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Topic: re: Fosco
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re: Fosco

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A description would be nice.
by Poultry
06 Oct 2018 17:57
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Topic: When You Try to Fight a Morgul Mage
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When You Try to Fight a Morgul Mage

> scry heli As you surreptitiously whisper the long forgotten words, the sounds reverberates in increasing intensity, only to fade as you draw arcane powers from the shadows! > You see your target's surroundings, through their vision. A tangled thicket in a forest in the central parts of Fangorn Fo...