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by Skythus
13 Jan 2020 02:01
Forum: Web Client Bugs and Feature Requests
Topic: Session - Triggers
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Re: Session - Triggers

If you don't disable the trigger, it will continue to fire, after you quit or disconnect in the WebClient. This can be avoided by using the <idle off> argument if your alias allows it, or refreshing your browser.
by Skythus
08 Jan 2020 06:26
Forum: General Board
Topic: Reminder on Magical Messages
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Reminder on Magical Messages

<r><CODE><s>[code]</s>.________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | A friendly reminder, when you cast a message to while invisible (or | | hooded and not introduced) you will not get a reply unless you leave | | your name or a way to respond. | | | | If you...
by Skythus
29 Oct 2019 18:35
Forum: General Board
Topic: Ellingnor's Reward!
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Ellingnor's Reward!

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Don't forget to ask Ellingnor if she needs help, lots of people want to have a
session at the Tavern!