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by Sypher
02 Jul 2020 20:22
Forum: Keeper's Korner
Topic: Fact-checking and critical thinking
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Re: Fact-checking and critical thinking

I'm kinda amazed at this,like every guild is made for a specific way of playing,such as big AA being stronger than *most* big Rangers...doesnt show favor,its just how it is,each guild has it's own faults and strengths...It doesn't mean theres a huge illuminati conspiracy between wizards and players,...
by Sypher
07 Apr 2020 03:33
Forum: Game - Events
Topic: Cooking Event 2020!
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Re: Cooking Event 2020!

Not much of a cook myself,but I remembered this, and knew it was the perfect piece to try and cook.A hearty bowl,this contains corn,lentils,pork and beef,chopped celery,basil,and boiled cabbage.Based off of the daily Feast in Mercenary Guild,this singular bowl will keep you going,whether it be a nic...