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by Hektor
13 Jan 2021 11:25
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: The case for closure – fighter guilds
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Re: The case for closure – fighter guilds

I believe that diversity and options makes Genesis stronger. Lets have more players instead of fewer guilds. - Keep pushing for player numbers and we can keep and expand on the great guilds we have and hopefully see new and interesting concepts emerge from the volunteer and creative workforce that d...
by Hektor
05 Jan 2021 07:55
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Changes to Equipment
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Re: Changes to Equipment

Very good note Tor. I cannot say I have even remotely any up to date experience or gear knowledge / gear hunting skill you do, but I agree with alot of your conclusions and suggestions.
by Hektor
28 Jun 2020 18:28
Forum: Humor
Topic: Calian Warriors and Monty Python
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Re: Calian Warriors and Monty Python

I guess it has its own humor that a memorabilia notice over an ancient emote turned into a whine on Rangers.. wonder how that happened... I also miss throwing around the Calian insult emotes which clearly had their monthy python inspiration too :)
by Hektor
13 Feb 2020 15:44
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Mithas trolls
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Re: Mithas trolls

Hi Arman Far from me be it to say whether this is a good or a bad idea to add and remove the area. In response to your query on who: I cannot recall for certain who the Wizard was, but I believe it was done by an Ansalon/Krynn wizard as an admin sanctioned response to a cry out for more hunting area...
by Hektor
18 Dec 2018 08:25
Forum: Praise and Thanks
Topic: Thanks, Zillian!
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Re: Thanks, Zillian!

by Hektor
02 Oct 2018 12:35
Forum: Game - General
Topic: If the game were nerfed ...
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Re: If the game were nerfed ...

I have always believed inflation to be a major problem for Genesis. I would like to see more soft caps and more diminishing returns, especially for players well into myth. Ie - continue to strive for STATS and XP, but expect the actual rewards (hitpoints, poweryield on specials etc) to become less a...
by Hektor
04 Aug 2018 18:48
Forum: Common Board
Topic: PC Gamer to feature Genesis
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Re: PC Gamer to feature Genesis

Good idea Daerin. I was actually wondering if maybe a group of players attacking the Balrog and you just see them talk, and attack and then the next screenshot would be the You die. etc. I think that a screenshot of when Death comes to take you (What! You again!) and Lars arrives and starts to argue...
by Hektor
03 Apr 2018 10:27
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: The new Minstrel upgrade.
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Re: The new Minstrel upgrade.

One of the many reasons to play Genesis:

Waiting for whatever Aprils Fools Mim cooks up every year.

You almost had me this time!
by Hektor
05 Feb 2018 09:03
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Where to grind on which level?
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Re: Where to grind on which level?

Arman: One issue may bethat many NPCs were never transferred over back in the late 90ies when the statavg bonus/penalty on kills was introduced (By Boron or Shiva I think?). That is - the XP bonus you get for killing something that has a higher statavg than you/your teams statavg or penalty for kill...
by Hektor
01 Dec 2017 14:24
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...
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Re: Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...

With the chance of getting the brownnose stamp here.... I second Chereks note. My communication with the Admin and Wizards has never been better and my suspicions (paranioa - warranted or not :)) has never been lower.