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by Hektor
28 Jun 2020 18:28
Forum: Humor
Topic: Calian Warriors and Monty Python
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Re: Calian Warriors and Monty Python

I guess it has its own humor that a memorabilia notice over an ancient emote turned into a whine on Rangers.. wonder how that happened... I also miss throwing around the Calian insult emotes which clearly had their monthy python inspiration too :)
by Hektor
13 Feb 2020 15:44
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Mithas trolls
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Re: Mithas trolls

Hi Arman Far from me be it to say whether this is a good or a bad idea to add and remove the area. In response to your query on who: I cannot recall for certain who the Wizard was, but I believe it was done by an Ansalon/Krynn wizard as an admin sanctioned response to a cry out for more hunting area...
by Hektor
18 Dec 2018 08:25
Forum: Praise and Thanks
Topic: Thanks, Zillian!
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Re: Thanks, Zillian!

by Hektor
02 Oct 2018 12:35
Forum: Game - General
Topic: If the game were nerfed ...
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Re: If the game were nerfed ...

I have always believed inflation to be a major problem for Genesis. I would like to see more soft caps and more diminishing returns, especially for players well into myth. Ie - continue to strive for STATS and XP, but expect the actual rewards (hitpoints, poweryield on specials etc) to become less a...
by Hektor
04 Aug 2018 18:48
Forum: Common Board
Topic: PC Gamer to feature Genesis
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Re: PC Gamer to feature Genesis

Good idea Daerin. I was actually wondering if maybe a group of players attacking the Balrog and you just see them talk, and attack and then the next screenshot would be the You die. etc. I think that a screenshot of when Death comes to take you (What! You again!) and Lars arrives and starts to argue...
by Hektor
03 Apr 2018 10:27
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: The new Minstrel upgrade.
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Re: The new Minstrel upgrade.

One of the many reasons to play Genesis:

Waiting for whatever Aprils Fools Mim cooks up every year.

You almost had me this time!
by Hektor
05 Feb 2018 09:03
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Where to grind on which level?
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Re: Where to grind on which level?

Arman: One issue may bethat many NPCs were never transferred over back in the late 90ies when the statavg bonus/penalty on kills was introduced (By Boron or Shiva I think?). That is - the XP bonus you get for killing something that has a higher statavg than you/your teams statavg or penalty for kill...
by Hektor
01 Dec 2017 14:24
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...
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Re: Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...

With the chance of getting the brownnose stamp here.... I second Chereks note. My communication with the Admin and Wizards has never been better and my suspicions (paranioa - warranted or not :)) has never been lower.
by Hektor
01 Dec 2017 13:09
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Suggestions for merc usage?
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Re: Suggestions for merc usage?

I had a debate with a friend about the rules on lending equipment to your alts via proxies and we ended up taking it to the Admins. The Admins very clearly seconded that the use of a proxy character (controlled by another player) as a medium for sharing items between your alts is strictly against th...
by Hektor
01 Dec 2017 13:06
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...
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Re: Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...

I'd also like to voice that while I could see the advantage of minor adjustments, then, if we talk a major rebalance then, in my opinion - the global impacts and errors and changes and fixes and new rebalances elsewhere and new whinefests so on ad nauseaum - is a much greater disadvantage than the p...