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by Aeg
15 Sep 2010 18:49
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Racial guild for evilaligned hobbits
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Re: Racial guild for evilaligned hobbits

evil hobbits seem like gremlins to me.
by Aeg
03 Jun 2010 14:25
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: The Crusade
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Re: The Crusade

Put advertisement fliers in any 'addictive personality' self-help books.
Might snag a few.
by Aeg
26 May 2010 14:26
Forum: Humor
Topic: Spy cam In Pirates ;)
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Re: Spy cam In Pirates ;)

Why couldn't the pirate lass find someone to go on a date with her?

She had a sunken chest and no booty.
by Aeg
13 Apr 2010 17:06
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: More Auction House Suggestions
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Re: More Auction House Suggestions

My understanding is that the Auction House does not accept containers.

I could be wrong.
by Aeg
31 Mar 2010 15:04
Forum: Humor
Topic: Bad Jokes
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Re: Bad Jokes

What do fish say when they hit a concrete wall?

by Aeg
24 Mar 2010 21:28
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: More craft guilds
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Re: More craft guilds

I like it.
by Aeg
24 Mar 2010 03:50
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Critical success while forging.
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Re: Critical success while forging.

or a critical herb find?

>search here for herbs
Critical search! You find a skunk berry patch!

>put herbs in pouch
You put 5 handfuls of purple berries in your leather pouch.

>say Yeeeeeeah! Go me!
You say: Yeeeeeeah! Go me!
by Aeg
18 Mar 2010 18:11
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: shield Tabards..
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Re: shield Tabards..

I like the idea.

Thank you for the suggestion.

by Aeg
15 Mar 2010 16:15
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Align restrictions
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Re: Align restrictions

I always believed that it was our character's shortcomings that made them interesting characters. If there were 6 guilds (good/evil(F, M, T)), no alignments, ect.. this game would boring.

The best characters have the most restrictions.
by Aeg
15 Mar 2010 03:24
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Booze Bottles
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Re: Booze Bottles

And enable your bad habits?