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by Chanele
15 Dec 2018 10:45
Forum: Logs and Stories
Topic: Zillian the Troubador
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Re: Zillian the Troubador

O Holey Knight! Through y'armour light is shining, from rended steel your life's blood falls to earth... . Slain lays the Wyrm who on all Krynn was dining, no more to fear from those who rode its girth... . At your valour, the weary world rejoices, as yonder breaks a new and glorious morn... . Fall...
by Chanele
21 Nov 2018 18:46
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Arman and Ranger Recode
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Re: Arman and Ranger Recode

I got burned after the first announcement of a recode that was withdrawn without a word. I did not play for several years after that but i posted a bunch of ideas on Council board that might be of interest. I have left the guild though, needed something new to find my way back after previous experie...
by Chanele
11 Nov 2018 10:50
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Imbuements and balance
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Re: Imbuements and balance

I have waited for years Arman. During this time recode has been promised and even announced just to get thrown in the trash again. Due to lack of information or any communication I returned my cloak last night. The urge to play has returned and the few hours i have these Days can be spent better tha...
by Chanele
27 Jul 2018 09:53
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Herbflation
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Re: Herbflation

Make them soulbound or Valar only
by Chanele
25 May 2018 17:42
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: Demons gate
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Re: Demons gate

Leti wrote:Yeah, got a character there, a child of the forest. But it really sucks as there's no guild help or a wizard wishing to help changing the guild :P
That sounds like an aweful situation...
by Chanele
15 Apr 2018 16:15
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Quickness
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Re: Quickness

Alot of envy in this thread.. Keep in mind that a handful of loudmouths does not speak for the whole community. I understand that balance is hard but to get somewhat closed you need to add all parameters. Speed being one of them but there are more, race restrictions (DA vs Knights ex.), item restric...
by Chanele
26 Mar 2018 23:37
Forum: Common Board
Topic: New Global Magic System ...
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Re: New Global Magic System ...

What about forgotten guilds who hasnt recieved any love and got old code for spells? Has mana cost and other effects been considered when implementing this?
by Chanele
13 Jan 2018 22:27
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: what quests can deny you full xp?
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Re: what quests can deny you full xp?

The quest where you are asked to return a clan standard from a minotaur chieftain near Solace is supposed to have a "full" completion, a lesser one, and a third option is to complete it at another person than the questgiver. Wonder who's responsible for that one;-) It's easy to say that the exp is ...
by Chanele
31 Dec 2017 01:51
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Invis
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Re: Invis

Mittikna nerfed? What?
How, why and when did that happen?
by Chanele
16 Nov 2017 09:50
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Rangers dropbrwaling Barash
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Re: Rangers dropbrwaling Barash

Yes he can and Only a handful of Rangers can attack him even less will manage to kill him..

But it could have been a Ranger so this still calls for a recode!
A bunch of lurking shady individuals...