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by Zar
08 May 2011 05:34
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: What are you reading right now?
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Re: What are you reading right now?

by Zar
05 May 2011 14:54
Forum: Humor
Topic: Dragon Age 2
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Re: Dragon Age 2

not a bad game after all
by Zar
03 May 2011 12:44
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Free prisoner in goblin caves
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Re: Free prisoner in goblin caves

I've completed this one last month (I think). Everything was in place. but You have to be first one to do it.
by Zar
30 Apr 2011 19:08
Forum: Praise and Thanks
Topic: Tive
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Re: Tive

Actually those were memories of Genesis glory.
People I miss, action I miss, youth I miss :cry:
by Zar
27 Apr 2011 07:37
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Player Fight
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Re: Player Fight

Great note. I think that part of playerbase want to be restricted from pfights in order to enjoy the game. There are a lot of ideas how to restrict pfighting: 1. PK status 2. PK areas 3. PK time of reboot 4. Special PK reboots 5. Pfighting is allowed against other guild only if guilds are agreed on ...
by Zar
26 Apr 2011 19:57
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Morgul Mage Discussion - power, grinding, balance
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Re: Morgul Mage Discussion - power, grinding, balance

Being attacked with no warning is the price you risk to pay when someone else in your guild do the same(scoring a kill or not). Should be quite natural to expect the same thing in return, no? A life for a life. So if once I was attacked by traveller guild member, I am justified to attack any travel...
by Zar
26 Apr 2011 19:49
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Worst names in Gen
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Re: Worst names in Gen

how would original Freya (Gen-married to Czucz) handle the current PR of this name? :twisted: That was a good one. Perhaps we shall make it impossible in some way to use old names? Like they get "autobanned" when creating a char. If the character is deleted the name still remains in the list and if...
by Zar
25 Apr 2011 21:54
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Mercenary Layman
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Re: Mercenary Layman

One of the main ideas behind the Merc guild when it was recoded was actually the opposite of what is being suggested here. The Merc guild is supposed to boost your layman guild's abilities through occ skill enchancement options. Thus, it can make you a more powerful Necro if you want to boost some ...
by Zar
25 Apr 2011 21:45
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: If it hadn't been a joke ... you'd have felt ... ?
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Re: If it hadn't been a joke ... you'd have felt ... ?

Well I think I will be the only one who will admit that I liked the idea. I'd love to put it different way. 1 neutral mage guild - new one 1 neutral melee guild - mercenaries 1 evil mage guild - MM 1 evil melee guild - DA 1 good mage guild - Rangers/Valars new one 1 good melee guild - Knights add ch...