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by Zar
02 Mar 2011 00:32
Forum: Logs and Stories
Topic: Oh, come on- this is not funny...
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Re: Oh, come on- this is not funny...

Ilrahil wrote:You cannot herb yourself to myth at extremely pacifistic as herbalism is general experience, and will count against your brute.
Which is so WRONG.
You can get violent by gathering herbs - this is opposite of being violent
by Zar
27 Feb 2011 10:48
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Question..?
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Re: Question..?

As far as I know hit damage doesn't depend on encumbarance.
Only on Dex/Str. But it was long time ago, maybe it was changed.

It would be logical that hit change would depend on encumbarance and tiredness.
But from my experience it doesn't depend either.
by Zar
24 Feb 2011 07:11
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Two handed combat - questions
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Re: Two handed combat - questions

Well, I do use both dual wield and two handed weapons,
sup. guru in two handed combat helps tu use it efficiently
But there are some awesome two handed weapons too.
The less used combo: weapon/shield - only in teams when tanking
by Zar
23 Feb 2011 13:15
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Topic: Imbuements
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Re: Imbuements

Greneth wrote:Just like the gambling on diablo 2 ;)

Just makes it that much better when you got an amazing piece of equipment after going through the 15 items of crap.
It is not.
After gambling in D2, item will stay with you forever. Here maximum some reboots.