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by Recoba
30 May 2013 18:43
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Of old and new times. Tale of a newcomer to Genesis.
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Re: Of old and new times. Tale of a newcomer to Genesis.

Hi Aristos! Thanks for your story. The thing in Genesis is that most guilds are completely run by players and if you join or play in a guild like that your experience depends to a large extent on what those players are like. Most often they're great people, but sometimes you just run into people tha...
by Recoba
30 May 2013 00:07
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Wise Person's Club
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Re: Wise Person's Club

gorboth wrote:I've been tossing the idea around of reviving the Actor's Guild, and finding a way to make good roleplay something valuable again with free emotes the reward.

Good thinking!
by Recoba
21 May 2013 13:39
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: New imbuement?
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Re: New imbuement?

Since G said it's "not on the Balrog" I bet it's someplace else that's really dangerous.
by Recoba
11 May 2013 10:48
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: Promotional Testimonials
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Re: Promotional Testimonials

Alright! Here's my response to today's post on the Common Board. This morning I jumped back into action, repeating the process detailed in the headlining post of this thread. (give it a re-read!) In the end, around 50 posters were placed throughout the campus of Pacific Lutheran University, USA. Pr...
by Recoba
07 May 2013 11:25
Forum: Common Board
Topic: End of April Update
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Re: End of April Update

*cheer wild*
by Recoba
27 Apr 2013 22:48
Forum: General Board
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I like it!

This all reminds me of a (very old) BDA poster that used the slogan:

"Join the Blue Dragonarmy!
See the world!
Meet interesting new people!
And kill them!"
by Recoba
13 Mar 2013 01:15
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: Super Cool Tolkien Art
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Re: Super Cool Tolkien Art

gorboth wrote:

This guy is astonishingly awesome, to me.

Nice stuff!!
by Recoba
06 Mar 2013 16:37
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: Convention potential
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Re: Convention potential

That sounds like a good slogan:
"Warning: this game will ruin your life"

by Recoba
04 Mar 2013 22:13
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: News section on website
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News section on website


How about a "News" page on the website. Just to put any interesting big news items regarding the game.

Yes I know there's the forum but a news page on the website would look good and show a glimpse of what's happening going on in the game for people who are not yet playing it.

- R.