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by fulgrim
08 Jun 2010 22:44
Forum: General Board
Topic: Gratitude to our Protectors!
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Re: Gratitude to our Protectors!

Ha! Fulgrim had no chance against the beefed up goblins. They had some very nice loot. A good suit of armor and a very decent two-handed axe. I'm using it now to honor the event ;) It was a good event. I do agree on the spam-- if you don't use triggers a lot (I don't) you were utterly lost in that f...
by fulgrim
08 Jun 2010 15:09
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Why do people hate racks?
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Re: Why do people hate racks?

I don't hate racks. I like them. I grab items from the racks in mercs but I always put them back unless they break from use, I also put all nice items that I find and even buy from the auction tent in the racks. I've noticed that the really nice stuff that I put in there sometimes go missing, but I'...
by fulgrim
08 Jun 2010 14:34
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Goblins vs. Sparkle!
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Goblins vs. Sparkle!

Poor "little" Fulgrim did his best to defend Sparkle from the marauding goblins, but I'm not sure if his efforts were even noticed... A team of ye aulde mighty heroes of yore stormed in and crushed all opposition. Fulgrim wonders if it was difficult for them... Didn't seem to be a huge effort for th...