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by Strider
15 Nov 2012 05:23
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Death
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Two Hurculean Tasks, Among Many

Perhaps I'd start with reworking the whole risk vs. reward model of combat. I think that grinding should be mostly pointless, due to the small gains and perhaps massive criticals further limiting their utility; growth should be accomplish through what Tarax termed "encounters" in that thread (and qu...
by Strider
15 Nov 2012 04:21
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Where art thou?
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O Brother, Where art thou?

Such lists remind me that it would be nice to be able to archive inactive characters lest they be forgotten.
by Strider
15 Nov 2012 04:04
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Death
Replies: 31
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Death Of A Thread: PK'd By Drifters

I don't know that the entire game actually has to be be solved in order to address death... Perhaps the main thing that keeps killing this topic, is that death is actually fluff and it covers a very large swath. We're talking about a totally different type of dynamics when we're talking about scorin...
by Strider
19 Sep 2012 02:33
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Making player levels private
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Re: Making player levels private

Why won't this compound the problem when people just assume that every character, other than their own, is a myth? It may be my recollection is faulty, but I believe that back in the champion days people had a pretty good idea how big everyone ones, some more numerically than others, and there was a...
by Strider
14 Sep 2012 23:19
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Guild recodes, a hypothetical scenario.
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He came upon an orange grove And he rested

And do it asap, no more of that "but we need to fix the new magic system first" crap. This thread made sense to me because I believe that the character power imbalance problem is the biggest flaw in Genesis playability. If these guild recodes would not be in service to the guild balance project, wh...
by Strider
13 Sep 2012 23:48
Forum: Common Board
Topic: I'll kick your bot!
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Coppers Are Devalued; Here's More Than Two

One of the biggest problems with thread drift, hijacking and lazy titling is that it makes it awfully hard to go back and look at the veritable treasure trove of past threads. So, Cherek, I did suggest bending the stat curves. Gorboth, there are suggestions to address these things and more. Cotillio...
by Strider
13 Sep 2012 19:58
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: The website and new players
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At the page, or even on the front page, it doesnt say how to connect to the game if not using the online clients. It is too cumbersome to have to search the website to find the login destination: As with many of the best advancements,...
by Strider
24 Aug 2012 01:39
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Gear inflation?
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The Wages Of Combat Ain't Death

if suddenly all of the weapons and armours in the game that people are used to getting easily were immensely difficult to achieve, would this not have the effect of a "nerf" that tends to trigger people to stop playing? Admittedly, it is not a game-wide sample, but it didn't generate a lot of outra...
by Strider
20 Aug 2012 21:26
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Specials
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Well, isn't that special?

I agree that Genesis should not be a fast-twitch, 'net speed, trigger coding, etc. competition, but I am not sure that Laurel's suggestion is the best solution or that greater variance in any particular or every special's execution or cool-down times is particularly desirable. I think the better sol...
by Strider
16 Aug 2012 02:32
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Character size inflation
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Square Deal - Square Dance

What's the best approach depends on what we wish to accomplish. Okay, here's some of what I'd like to see: - Make changes with many smaller corrections. Do not throw the frog into the already boiling pot. - Don't take any work away from any player. Change it's relative worth, by all means, but no d...