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by Wolverine
17 Feb 2012 09:22
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: What would it take?
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Re: What would it take?

Why wasnt "Rankings" as an option..
by Wolverine
09 Dec 2011 20:01
Forum: General Board
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why dont you just join the gardeners, aint like you have any use of the stuff that can be found on the bloodsea anyway...
by Wolverine
27 Oct 2011 19:30
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Ranking Page suggestions +meditation
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Re: Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

A working ranking page is way more important than a non-working improved one
by Wolverine
27 Oct 2011 19:29
Forum: General Board
Topic: A recruitment poster
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Re: A recruitment poster

Allow Hobbits, Kenders and Goblins like it used to be back in the days of Bebop... And the playerbase in this guild will rise.. :evil:
by Wolverine
30 Sep 2011 00:10
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for myths
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Re: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for my

What if you go to Sparkle and ask for a transfer at next armageddon to this Area and during whole next armaggedon are you in that "myth area" then you return next armageddon, for exploring, questing, battling, whatever.. just an idea.. to go to an area for life, when all the fun and interaction is i...
by Wolverine
01 Sep 2011 10:16
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: The Battle of the Plains of Krynn
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The Battle of the Plains of Krynn

Greetings, I see little war between the guilds of Krynn, been almost a year since I heard of a Knight battling a Dragonarmy Soldier. It would be nice if the guilds in Krynn would benefit of having all of the plains, like lowered tax or maybe be given improve defence and parry while walking on the pl...
by Wolverine
30 Aug 2011 12:43
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Promotion Update
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Re: Promotion Update

Big ups to all that aided!! looking forward to see the finished project, almost as as excited to see this as for D3.. :D
by Wolverine
30 Aug 2011 12:27
Forum: Common Board
Topic: EVENT: Tutorial Runner!
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Re: EVENT: Tutorial Runner!

by Wolverine
30 Aug 2011 12:10
Forum: Suggestions Board
Topic: re: Wolverine
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Re: re: Wolverine

To speak methaphorically.. Imagine if Bill Gates would go out on the street of Los Angeles, pick up 500 people that live on the street and give them housing, work and cash. :twisted: Would he be called a spoiler or a hero? should they work their own way up to the regular life? Not comparing newbies ...
by Wolverine
29 Aug 2011 11:42
Forum: Suggestions Board
Topic: Donation Box
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Donation Box

<t>Greetings,<br/> <br/> I tried to toss in 10.000 silver coins in the Donation Box<br/> and the box spitted it out right away.. So I walked to the<br/> church and took a moment to think about it.<br/> <br/> What if one could make some sort of coin-bags for all the<br/> newcomers to grab, maybe 1 ba...