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by Draugor
27 Apr 2012 12:24
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: What would it take?
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Re: What would it take?

I've been doing promotional work for YEARS, where is my damn qexp!?!?!? :P

Have gotten around 20 people total to play this game atleast one of them is still around and plays actively.

When people grow tired of lame games with graphics I direct them here :o
by Draugor
25 Apr 2012 19:08
Forum: Humor
Topic: In game humor
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Re: In game humor

The deadly grey-haired female kroug grumbles: monk nincompoop, don't kick me,
I'm not wearing a sign on my back!

Krougs are the best NPCs in the game :D
by Draugor
25 Apr 2012 18:26
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Changeling / Shapeshifters
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Re: Changeling / Shapeshifters

amberlee wrote:That would be more of a shapeshifter/druid like concept.
Would you consider a more lycantrophic concept?

There was a Lycan guild on Demonsgate, the Garou, damn nice guild at that.

A druid guild like the druids from the forgotten realms would be awsome, could use a guild in Faerun or something
by Draugor
25 Apr 2012 16:49
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Changeling / Shapeshifters
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Re: Changeling / Shapeshifters

So we've decided to open atleast 2 new guilds now and leave the un-recoded ones to rot? I am just wondering.

The idea is damn nice I agree however, didnt the wizards say 100 times before that we dont need more guilds? I'd say we need more layman guilds but not OCC ones
by Draugor
21 Apr 2012 15:20
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Statistics?
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Re: Statistics?

So... you want a newsletter?
by Draugor
18 Apr 2012 10:09
Forum: General Board
Topic: Balrog was killed!!!
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Re: Balrog was killed!!!

Aye, and there where only 4 of them :o
by Draugor
15 Apr 2012 09:50
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: The Cult of Chemosh
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Re: The Cult of Chemosh

I like the idea of the guild, however I'd rather open the WoHS, everyone could get something out of that due to the three orders, still, hell given the ability to code stuff that advanced and the green light I'd do it, however if Gorboth feels that this will revitalize his love for this game I say g...
by Draugor
15 Apr 2012 09:41
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: A counterbalance to evil?
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Re: A counterbalance to evil?

Knights could actually do with a upgrade, I am not sure why they where nerfed down so hard. Legend Gladiator/minotaur made two knights run like hell, think I was like... Sw hurt? Sent a legend and champ knight running, sure I was imbued etc but the fight took long enough so they should have been abl...
by Draugor
27 Mar 2012 11:51
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Bring back boot runs
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Re: Bring back boot runs

Tbh upgrade the NPCs carrying stuff, make them magic resistant making spells miss alot more, make them nastier so that if you dont have a tank you've got one hell of a time in front of you, encourage player cooperation. As it is now if yer just gigantic you'll be able to kick anythings teeth in, pla...
by Draugor
16 Mar 2012 23:36
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: suggestion to improve newbie experience in Gen - Aion-way
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Re: suggestion to improve newbie experience in Gen - Aion-wa

Ok.. Never ever make suggestions that takes ideas from what is arguably the worst MMO ever made. Besides.. it might be just me, but that game has more active players than Gen Thats _ONLY_ cause people cant play without graphics anymore sadly :( People are spoiled with having everything with graphic...