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by Boreaulam
26 Jan 2015 08:51
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Inappropriate Character Names?
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Re: Inappropriate Character Names?

One other hand, With some waves of one-time newbies we will be out of good names.

How fast we clear names to be used by others?
by Boreaulam
21 Jan 2015 08:57
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: Genesis on Google+
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Re: Genesis on Google+

I even will put myself as coder in Genesis :)
by Boreaulam
08 Jan 2015 09:26
Forum: Praise and Thanks
Topic: Sys Improvements
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Re: Sys Improvements

Suddenly "Praise" post turned into "TODO" post
by Boreaulam
23 Dec 2014 14:11
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Genesis Auctions on Ebay
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Re: Genesis Auctions on Ebay

My 2cc

I wouldn't start playing gen if I knew that someone who can give a good buck will have advantage over me.
I just don't play these games. Not even now (and I have money to spend) and of course not in the past when I was a student.

Probably there are some other players like me.
by Boreaulam
10 Dec 2014 22:29
Forum: Common Board
Topic: The new website is up!
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Re: The new website is up!

Rankings are updated weekly. Last update was on Tuesday September 30, 2014.
by Boreaulam
08 Dec 2014 10:31
Forum: Common Board
Topic: The new website is up!
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Re: The new website is up!

Great work!!!

What does "The Legends" means in ranking?
by Boreaulam
04 Dec 2014 10:06
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Turkeys in the World!
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Re: Turkeys in the World!

Habiki wrote:Just noticed how no one is LD right now, which is most unusual in itself.
Being LD is waste of qxp :)
by Boreaulam
02 Dec 2014 10:22
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Cmud Slower?
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Re: Cmud Slower?

I think it is because your ISP gives lower bandwidth/priority for telnet port than HTTP. So any web client will be faster
by Boreaulam
05 Nov 2014 20:17
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Level Restrictive Areas/Discipline
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Re: Level Restrictive Areas/Discipline

Give people a reason to have to pay attention instead of setting scripts and watching tv. The problem is, in my mind, that we'll never get to a level where things are not scriptable. In a MUD environment, it's simple in/out... a logical progression of how things work, things can be accounted for. I...
by Boreaulam
28 Oct 2014 22:30
Forum: Web Client Bugs and Feature Requests
Topic: Gah!
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Re: Gah!

cotillion wrote:
Laurel wrote:this time it's on my IT's side, so that's it - Laurel won't be around anymore
time to do some work instead
Interesting, how did they block it?

Are they intercepting all https traffic?
Probably they block ip/dns name as non work related content.