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by Icarus
04 Apr 2015 13:40
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Cadu Forest
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Re: Cadu Forest

I made him part of the Mercenary guru quest exactly because I love him so much. Hey! Don't want to do it? Live with -1 to your potential adaptability! Muahahaha! G. At least it's on record that as the GM you wanted to screw your mortals. Hey, it's not "screwing mortals over" to use Nogio! I've done...
by Icarus
03 Apr 2015 18:54
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Easter event?
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Re: Easter event?

I agree with Fairlight, Stamp event was cool, another even that could be used, which could be very fun for our young and hopefully staying newbies is a scavenger hunt. Just make sure things aren't placed out of reach of players (closed places, like the sewers in Kalaman or the top hill in Edoras, bo...
by Icarus
03 Apr 2015 03:30
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: Errors on Website
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Re: Errors on Website

Zhar wrote:I lost a tooth last year. It's all true...
From limping?
by Icarus
01 Apr 2015 12:26
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Peculiar and exotic items in protected areas
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Re: Peculiar and exotic items in protected areas

No, I actually believe he means the black-orcs and uruks inside Minas Morgul...

Dat Mim be crazy!
by Icarus
30 Mar 2015 20:41
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Topic: Player killing rules updated
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Re: Player killing rules updated

The massive goblins block, Laurel. I couldn't move on. The only loot I picked up at all was some helmets. And they're probably all still sitting on the road outside (where I left them, because I was lightening before we did a fair amount of running.) You're welcome to them. So, sorry I took what - ...
by Icarus
30 Mar 2015 15:16
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Rangers...
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Re: Rangers...

If a change is to be made, i would suggest a system, where you could earn acceptance from guilds instead. Sort of like Kaz and Huma as mentioned before... Or dritztzstztz(however you spell him).. I like that idea, it's awesome! (And it's Drizzt ;) ) EDIT: doesnt it already sort of exits? Prestigiou...
by Icarus
29 Mar 2015 20:30
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Rangers...
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Re: Rangers...

Well, I've seen ogres ripping the head of a corpse with a broad grin, I've also seen knights cleaning a corpse with the ingot, then grabbing all the leftovers for a "snack", here's blademasters out there who eats every head they sever etc...

So, Greneth, your argument is invalid. :twisted:
by Icarus
29 Mar 2015 20:13
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Names
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Re: Names

Can we please get rid of the INT requirement for remembering names? With all these new players, I'd like to keep them in memory to track progress and such without having to get rid of names of old friends? -B I like it. Would be possible to keep track of old and new enemies too this way... oh wait....
by Icarus
29 Mar 2015 20:11
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: The "What?" reply
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Re: The "What?" reply

When typing in a wrong command, sometimes the What? message appears. For example, <mount> and What? but <mount horse> works. Changing What? to hints can make typing easier when trying to find the right way to do something, like a quest. If -mount what? is shown when you type <mount> then figuring t...
by Icarus
29 Mar 2015 19:01
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Topic: Proper Payment
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Re: Proper Payment

Laurel wrote:Mercade the Man again? ;)
Mercade is always The Man... but he did only state the obvious... "It is possible", he said nothing about it ever going to happen ;)