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by Manglor
20 Sep 2013 15:20
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Topic: The Alliance
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Re: The Alliance

Keep in mind Just because people are leaving the Old alliance does not mean they are unprotected. the old alliance agreement was a 10-20 year old document that was written back in a very different time. Some of the guilds involved do not even exist anymore (IE the ROG branch, vampires) and there ar...
by Manglor
18 Sep 2013 22:14
Forum: Character Backgrounds
Topic: What does your character name say about him/her
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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

If you can believe it, Windemere was created in 1996. He has had some rough times, considering I had no clue how to roleplay when I was in grade 8...and has been in numerous guilds throughout history. He has met some fabulous people who are no longer around, some of whom have passed on, and has mad...