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by gold bezie
30 Oct 2018 23:23
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: nisse ohtar and a friendly request to the players
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Re: nisse ohtar and a friendly request to the players

Some of us tried to ask the wizards here on the forum.. but mailing AoP is not a bad idea..
It might take a while for things to change, as it often does in Genesis, there might be a reason for it be coded like that
therefor i was hoping for the assistance of some players.

But thank you Targun
by gold bezie
30 Oct 2018 22:37
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: nisse ohtar and a friendly request to the players
Replies: 5
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nisse ohtar and a friendly request to the players

Hey all, Since the club is full, and i think for a while, i would like to ask every player with multiply chars to consider if they would be so kind to leave the club, if they are not active with that char anyway... there are more people who really wants to join the club and who are active and would ...
by gold bezie
28 Oct 2018 23:45
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Just Saying Hello!
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Re: Just Saying Hello!

Oh come on Zugzug...
haha ive been a ranger for years (pretends she is an old soul) and now a monk...
we cant even imbue like others can (no unbreakable armour and a lot of imbues are useless to us) and almost every undead we cannot stunn, and there are a lot of undeads in the realms...

by gold bezie
19 Sep 2018 22:51
Forum: Common Board
Topic: PC Gamer to feature Genesis
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Re: PC Gamer to feature Genesis

With the upcoming article some of us were curious if there would be any volunteers for this Thursday to Sunday to act as Newbie Helpers to deal with the potential influx of players. We could end up getting none but better to be safe than sorry. What we are looking for is people to be active and answ...
by gold bezie
11 Sep 2018 21:18
Forum: Pictures
Topic: Chulam
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Re: Chulam

Loving this Chulam. Hope to see more of your work
by gold bezie
07 Sep 2018 00:26
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Minas Tirith access
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Re: Minas Tirith access

Before we make any more suggestions, it would be great if a wizard would reply on this:

has there been made changes recently in MT?
what are the requirements to do those quests?

personally i could not imagine the problem would be someone to be a drow to enter MT
by gold bezie
29 Aug 2018 17:51
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: qarraba
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Re: qarraba

good to know about the qarraba... I had it recently when i logged in, that i missed my qarraba with herbs, wisemanpin and some other things that just could not have been stolen. It might had gotten something to do with me logging in and out too quickly that would cause the bug, at least that was wha...
by gold bezie
17 Jul 2018 19:48
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Nisse Ohtar
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Re: Nisse Ohtar

Actually i find this annoying... How so a club full?.... We all know that there are a lot of players who are inactive, and a lot have more than one alt.

Please change this :)
by gold bezie
01 Jul 2018 08:41
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Plukragars post
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Re: Plukragars post

That the area should be hard to enter, i agree, obstacles to enter sure. But ive seen lots of legends enter there, so why cant i as a monk? Or rangers? Only those legends can enter who can do enough damage... The obstacles now are not thought of well enough in my opinion. Would be more fun if the gr...
by gold bezie
14 Jun 2018 07:45
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Does your gender matter?
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Re: Does your gender matter?

Funny part is that my female dwarf had to deal with much more attempts of flirting, always by younger players and mostly elves, than my main char had to go through with. I also notice that a lot of young male chars get a lot of help from older players. The older community is very loyal to this game,...