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by Emmiline Calaith
09 May 2017 14:44
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Suggestion
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Re: Suggestion

I can't even imagine only being allowed to have 50 mails...

250 is a blessing compared to that. I'm planning on cleaning my mail out soon and just putting all the mails on a Google Doc.
by Emmiline Calaith
30 Apr 2017 06:17
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: rsay
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Re: rsay

Melarec wrote:Everyone except the half-elves* speak in Common.
It's really just easier.

*Dirty halfies like their secrets
Ack! He's onto us!
by Emmiline Calaith
26 Apr 2017 03:36
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Tutorial Improvements ...
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Re: Tutorial Improvements ...

Thank you Gorboth for adding these much-needed improvements!
by Emmiline Calaith
20 Apr 2017 01:29
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Newbie Pin Improvements ...
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Re: Newbie Pin Improvements ...

This is great. Thanks Gorboth!
by Emmiline Calaith
16 Apr 2017 22:49
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Unexpected deletion of Character.
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Re: Unexpected deletion of Character.

I hope this is fixed soon! :o :?
by Emmiline Calaith
11 Apr 2017 00:12
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Dirtiness
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Re: Dirtiness

How would one get very dirty? I have only ever gotten that way once, but I don't know how. Is there anything you have to do, or somewhere you must go? You can get that description if you trip and fall into a mud puddle, right near the Sarn Ford orc camp. Going to any bathhouse or using soap will re...
by Emmiline Calaith
31 Mar 2017 13:24
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Gizmo maintenance
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Re: Gizmo maintenance

cotillion wrote:We have now moved to a new gizmo.
It's slightly faster and it's alot less likely to suffer catastrophic failure of its storage.
Thanks Cotlillion! Really happy to hear this! :)
by Emmiline Calaith
28 Mar 2017 01:24
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Quest Updates
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Re: Quest Updates

Yes! Thank you!
by Emmiline Calaith
25 Mar 2017 02:50
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Small project committee for wiz
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Re: Small project committee for wiz

I always tell those who fix bugs to mail the player or players reporting the bug, and thank them for the bug report and tell them it's now been fixed. I think it's good to let people who do bug and typo-reports know that we DO fix them sometimes. So it does not feel useless. So, it's NOT useless to...
by Emmiline Calaith
24 Mar 2017 20:38
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Trash cans!
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Re: Trash cans!

My favourite waste basket is in Sparkle!

Unless you have a certificate, though, you have to pay 3(?) gold to get to it.. The amusement is definitely worth it, though.