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by Saimon
12 Mar 2018 21:47
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Guilds of Genesis
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Re: Guilds of Genesis

A side note. Regarding race guilds, the same number of race guilds as gnomes, dwarves have. But I fully agree another gnome race guild it is the one the most needed. And I would agree there is a number of guilds that needs recode since almost noone join them as well. Im thinking about tricksters and...
by Saimon
07 Mar 2018 20:23
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Tharkadan mountain pass open!
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Re: Tharkadan mountain pass open!

Draugor wrote:
Kvator wrote:Big props for OOTS!

Finally funny and useful option for kenders <3 (who are still underpowered ofc :P)
You're not supposed to be damagers :P
Yes, but first time he can be useful for a team :D
by Saimon
03 Mar 2018 13:49
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Tharkadan mountain pass open!
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Re: Tharkadan mountain pass open!

I fully agree. Krynn and Ansalon wizards team make a fantastic job. If wizards from other domains will not speed up soon Genesis will be Krynn & co. fantasy mud.
by Saimon
28 Feb 2018 08:06
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Web UI trigger/alias backups?
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Re: Web UI trigger/alias backups?

Yes, copy one by one to the text file.
by Saimon
17 Feb 2018 12:41
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Krynn domain 2017 in review, and roadmap for 2018
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Re: Krynn domain 2017 in review, and roadmap for 2018

Thank you Arman for the post. As always Arman is an example to other Lieges in communication policy. And as other said, big congratulations for what you have achieved last year. In the past it would take 3-4 years to have similar results, especialy taking into consideration work you and Carnak have ...
by Saimon
17 Feb 2018 10:10
Forum: Web Client General Discussion
Topic: Genesis Webclient
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Re: Genesis Webclient

Carnak It is perfect. Thanks a lot. But I would like to ask you, more advanced in java coding, how to add to Carnak's code checking if someone is already fighting on the location? Just to avoid kill steal? Since this is the most oftec crime relafed with scripts and scripters. Their code dont check i...
by Saimon
04 Feb 2018 00:09
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Calof/Baxter alignment?
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Re: Calof/Baxter alignment?

Syrk wrote:So now the Grand Grind area in Terel/Avenir became goodies playground?
Terel Trolls are evil, Dark Elves are evil, Undeads in GK are slightly evil (almost neutral).
Yes. I do see conspiracy here.
Quali elves and Ents are all yours.....
by Saimon
02 Feb 2018 19:05
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Who are the strongest bosses?
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Re: Who are the strongest bosses?

Mim wrote: (...)
But "drop poison in well" also worked fine. :)
Why now we dint have such wells? Maybe Sparkle well works like that? :-)
by Saimon
20 Jan 2018 21:47
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Terel garden warning
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Re: Terel garden warning

Yes, there is one - death. Tested and confirmed.
by Saimon
18 Jan 2018 21:58
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Bounce mechanic change.
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Re: Bounce mechanic change.

Mallor, not exactly. Look at firts post in the topic:
"Specials won't be affected when chasing a foe, so should not impact hunting practices."