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by Sharn
17 May 2011 15:30
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Death penalty adjustment needed
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Re: Death penalty adjustment needed

Sounds great! I like it.
by Sharn
16 May 2011 18:30
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Ranger feedback
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Re: Ranger feedback

Yeah, traps should be prepared out of combat.
Damn, they would be deadly.
by Sharn
16 May 2011 18:19
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Ranger feedback
Replies: 45
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Re: Ranger feedback

I am not a ranger so my opinion does not count, but...nevertheless I am going to give my 3 coppers :mrgreen: In general I would like the rangers to be more like rangers from Tolkien books. Extremelly skilled with bow which is rangers primary weapon (including bow special attacks) Skilled with sword ...
by Sharn
09 May 2011 09:14
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: Roll a D6 Video
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Re: Roll a D6 Video

I dont know why, but I liked it, despite the "music" being completely unbearable to me.
by Sharn
09 May 2011 08:57
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Closing Guilds (moved from Keeper's Korner)
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Re: Closing Guilds (moved from Keeper's Korner)

Closing Guilds In my opinion the closing of guilds is a terrible idea. In fact, it is the worse thing I can think of that can happen to Genesis besides closing the game down. Guilds concept is the greatest aspect of genesis. It is what makes Genesis distinct from all other games. Seeing a guild clo...
by Sharn
06 May 2011 13:09
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: General discussion on Gorboth's promotion notes
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Re: General discussion on Gorboth's promotion notes

A bank account has been created, along with a PayPal link to the email address: I would like to point one thing and I think it is important. The email to PayPal link should be - definitely SHOULD be something on domain. While I am ...
by Sharn
05 May 2011 11:06
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: Promotion of Genesis
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Re: Promotion of Genesis

*making the tutorial and general newbie content able to handle vast influx of players (imagine 10 people in the tutorial now?) Yes I have been thinking about that myself. Tutorial in its current state is designed for 1 player only in my opininion. You have to grind quite a bit there to be able to d...
by Sharn
19 Apr 2011 23:10
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Morgul Mage Discussion - power, grinding, balance
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Re: Hektor 3 shots a Necro Titan for being a Necromancer

The Morgul Mages are a great roleplaying guild, with years of Genesis-generated lore, a demanding but roleplaying-wise fun way through the ranks and a very rich setting to play in to. But one thing is roleplay and another thing is PvP - Don't mix them together. The Society shouldn't have any kind o...
by Sharn
08 Apr 2011 10:52
Forum: Humor
Topic: Being Disconnected
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Re: Being Disconnected

Don't you understand what it is? It's Tapakah, when he's bored he randomly create lag and break the link for people. Just for fun. Then he laughts his evil little laught, you know, the kind all evil masterminds has. I bet you he is stroking a furry white cat while he's doing it. :lol: I really like...
by Sharn
06 Apr 2011 20:49
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Worst names in Gen
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Re: Worst names in Gen

Papasmurf the ranger, for the ranger collection.