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by Sharn
10 Mar 2010 21:52
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Forum suggestion "The Monkey cave"
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Re: Forum suggestion "The Monkey cave"

Ilrahil wrote:I would vote for your above post to be the first one moved there. :twisted:
And your's along with mine would follow ;)
by Sharn
10 Mar 2010 21:36
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Measuring stats
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Re: Measuring stats

Tarax the Terrible wrote:hahah I was trying to even think what guild had C prefix!
Drop and give me 20!
Aye, aye, SIR!
by Sharn
10 Mar 2010 15:00
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Playerkilling
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Re: Playerkilling

Excellent post, Creed. I agree with most points.

Those who do not want to, should not be forced to fight other players.
by Sharn
10 Mar 2010 14:45
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Forum Ranks
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Re: Forum Ranks

I've now added forum ranks too that match the in-game mortal levels. Let's see who can be the first one to myth :) Level descriptions for: Mortal novice, greenhorne, beginner, apprentice, wanderer, adventurer, adept, great adventurer, veteran, expert, rising hero, hero, titan, champion, legend and ...
by Sharn
10 Mar 2010 01:42
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: Happy birthday Emma :)
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Happy birthday Emma :)

WOoo hoo - happy birthday :D
by Sharn
09 Mar 2010 09:48
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Website
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Re: Website

tapakah wrote:The website is undergoing a rebuilding from scratch...
So, patience, maybe it'll come before Easter. :)
Could we have new mortal rankings?
I cannot wait that long!
by Sharn
09 Mar 2010 00:52
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Website
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Some things that I think could be upgraded / corrected on the website ( 1. NEWS link (on the left, just below the PLAY NOW button) on the main page leads to nowhere ( The very latest news from Genesis! The Webmaster had been too lazy to ...