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by Knuffel
23 Apr 2010 21:42
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Guild Tax
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Guild Tax

I remember from the olden days guild tax was something that was discussed pretty often, and some guilds you shouldn't join at a too early stage due to their so called high tax. Is this still the case ? And if yes, is there an easy way to find this information in game on how much tax each guild takes...
by Knuffel
23 Apr 2010 21:26
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Nob Nar ...
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Re: Nob Nar ...

This one should have a cross referenceI think.

by Knuffel
23 Apr 2010 21:22
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Nob Narr
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Re: Nob Narr

Now that is a fast turn around ... 5 hours ... :-)

I have no clue what is changed in the power balance, but heard Arma is taking the heat for it *lol*

This board seem to have some power.

by Knuffel
22 Apr 2010 21:54
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Casting Darkvision
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Re: Casting Darkvision

Should one be able to light an oil lamp (highly complex mechanism) in a dark room.
Or consider getting your magnifying glass out to catch the sunbeams and light a torch in utter darkness.

Most interesting complexities, not only depending on spell components I guess ;-)

by Knuffel
22 Apr 2010 21:42
Forum: Humor
Topic: How to become a pop star.
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Re: How to become a pop star.

Wonderfull ... made my day :-)
by Knuffel
22 Apr 2010 17:41
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: Dropping conection..
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Re: Dropping conection..

Tarax, doing a tracert in addition will show where the problem kicks in (or at least narrow it down). C:\>tracert Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 2 ms <1 ms 1 ms [] 3 2 ms <1 ms <...
by Knuffel
18 Apr 2010 18:42
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Armageddon
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Re: Armageddon

I agree ...
I agree ...
I agree ...
by Knuffel
18 Apr 2010 11:26
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Saving items, loosing their ability to save?
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Re: Saving items, loosing their ability to save?

Then could every guild atleast get a copy-paste rack with all the functionalities of the Necromancers, ... should not have the same top-of-the-line racks Why ?!? Every guild is unique, and the racks should reflect the guild. Copy / Paste and creating one unified rack will for sure not increase the ...
by Knuffel
08 Apr 2010 20:05
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: New Skill
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Re: New Skill

Ilrahil wrote:... I would do eat berries ...
Isn't that suicidal by definition, regardless of new or old ways ... ?

by Knuffel
04 Apr 2010 18:59
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Newbie pin
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Re: Newbie pin

And where does one go to help youngsters ?

I assumed it would be an obvious place in Sparkle, but I must be overlooking it.
Any clues, or is it actually a quest to help youngsters ?