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by Mersereau
20 Jul 2018 01:33
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Topic: Guilds of Genesis
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Re: Guilds of Genesis

The issue becomes he has she has and EW set the bar so high that anything else fails to measure up. I look at Warlocks now and it's costing people platinum coins left and right while an EW spell component is extremely common and littered all over the moors right next to their guild hall for the sam...
by Mersereau
29 May 2018 21:20
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Topic: Economic Revival
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Economic Revival

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Now that the Donut's economy is thriving once again, perhaps we could reemploy
some of those laid off ship captains?
I'm sure they could use the work, and we could use the convenience.
by Mersereau
07 Apr 2018 01:52
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Shire NERFED!
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Re: Shire NERFED!

If I was a member of the GoG I'd be outraged at my income being slashed.
by Mersereau
01 Apr 2018 20:34
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Topic: The new Minstrel upgrade.
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Re: The new Minstrel upgrade.

Zugzug wrote: Zugzug, ranger/minstrel, male elf.

I have questions.
by Mersereau
21 Mar 2018 01:30
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Topic: Bankers being bankers ;)
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Re: Bankers being bankers ;)

Shanoga wrote:Storm the bank with your impaling pitchfork raised!
I wanna see the log of that battle.
by Mersereau
20 Jan 2018 01:10
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Topic: (Newbie) Planning to be Ranger of the Westlands
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Re: (Newbie) Planning to be Ranger of the Westlands

Ranger of the Westlands in Genesis is not "Ranger" in DnD. Basically you're a multiclass using both melee combat and cleric spells.

You want to keep even stats to utilize both parts equally.
by Mersereau
07 Dec 2017 01:56
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Topic: Market Madness!
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Re: Market Madness!

I'm sure this will be met with a calm response.
by Mersereau
05 Dec 2017 01:12
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Topic: Want to know community opinion on ME
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Re: Want to know community opinion on ME

I'm sure everything will be implemented by Christmas.