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by Leti
03 Dec 2017 10:30
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Demon's Gate?
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Re: Demon's Gate?

Demon's Gate is online once again. I am actually playing on it :)
by Leti
05 Oct 2017 10:29
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Beast tamer poll
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Re: Beast tamer poll

Wolves are the best option :)
by Leti
03 Aug 2017 09:22
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: The Cult of Chemosh
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Re: The Cult of Chemosh

Sounds like Psuache will have some boys to beat :D
by Leti
26 Jul 2017 15:47
Forum: Logs and Stories
Topic: The saving of the RDA
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Re: The saving of the RDA

Well done Zug, Her Dark Majesty is pleased :P
by Leti
10 Jul 2017 09:19
Forum: Humor
Topic: Horse Jokes
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Re: Horse Jokes

Horse jokes gave ma a though about a video I've watched many years ago, one of the foulest humor I've ever heard.
Allow me to share it with you :P
by Leti
06 Jul 2017 16:49
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: SoHM
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Re: SoHM

SoHM is fully open. WoHS is a seperate guild in development where you need to have cut your teeth in the SoHM before being considered for membership. There are no obligations for SoHM members to role play in a particular way any more than a mercenary or glad. There is also no obligation for the SoH...
by Leti
06 Jul 2017 09:24
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Eil-Galaith humans
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Re: Eil-Galaith humans

Hello, it seems to me that joining Eil-Galaith as a human turns me to a half-elf; however, leaving them converts me to an "elf" unable to join elf-only guilds. So I went back to the same racial guild (now as an "elf"), but upon quitting and re-logging, I found myself to be a human in a elf/half-elf...
by Leti
05 Jul 2017 22:12
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: SoHM
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Re: SoHM

Hey. What can I say about SoHM... Been there for 2 months and I've got just one thought... This will be a massacre. I haven't met any, ANY member of the guild who would play a RP wizard. Everyone just spoke with smiles and were talking about their real life. Well, maybe Talon wasn't, but he's an exc...
by Leti
30 Jun 2017 18:25
Forum: Game - General
Topic: A new guy in town
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A new guy in town

Hi, I am the new guy playing Genesis for about 4 months. You have to forgive me, but couldnt find any suitable topic to say hello so I am posting here :) I was playing muds since 1997 with short and long breaks, but decided to try Genesis this year :) I remember the times when I was passionately rea...