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by Syrk
02 Aug 2019 23:40
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Global layman guild review
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Re: Global layman guild review

a fable
by Syrk
26 Jul 2019 13:43
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Death Recovery ?
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Re: Death Recovery ?

by Syrk
22 Jul 2019 00:14
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Ogres and their morals... or lack thereof
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Ogres and their morals... or lack thereof

There is a new genration of Ogres reaching myth status already. I had an encounter and talk with one of them as we dissagreed on one thing. The situation is like this: I am in a room and there are corpses of enemies i killed on the round. Then an ogre enters the room and quickly takes heads off from...
by Syrk
13 Jul 2019 14:56
Forum: Game - General
Topic: WHO - why too much transparency is bad for Genesis
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WHO - why too much transparency is bad for Genesis

WHO - why too much transparency is bad for Genesis and why anonymity would be good. I would like to point out the destructive influene of who command on the game. Currently it shows list of all characters in the game. All the characters you know and their current titles and also all names of charac...
by Syrk
21 Jun 2019 21:08
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: What are you reading right now?
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Re: What are you reading right now?

Phil Tucker 's Euphoria Online series An example of LitRPG (literary role-playing-game) genre.
by Syrk
20 May 2019 21:07
Forum: General Board
Topic: Cloaked thief
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Cloaked thief

I guess the thief is named Felagund but can not be sure as it keeps hiding behind its cloak, like thieves do. Anyway, the thief had been already warned about kill stealing in GK. But it did not help. So let it be know that no made up 'bounce' excuses will work and anyone teaming with the thief may ...
by Syrk
19 May 2019 03:51
Forum: General Board
Topic: Zilly's flower
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Zilly's flower

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Zilly was her name and a mercenary wench the trade,
Knigthies lover and Twinklies follower.
She craved for the meat but all got limp, cause of the elfie stink.
Even with this quirk the mighty gobbo did not even smirk
And bravely prepared the empaler,
But sadly noticed escape of the pixie flower.
by Syrk
14 Apr 2019 13:50
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Krynn warfare system
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War of the lance is broken

I just recently returned from a break and wished to participate in the Krynn War. But what i encountered was this: It seems only one force is actively participating (which accidentaly i am a member of) and others gave up. I would li...
by Syrk
08 Dec 2018 17:42
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: LD time
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Re: LD time

Why limit yourself to only 5 hours?
15 minutes were perfect, 2 hours are even more perfect and all the time till server reset will be the most perfect.
Make <quit> command obsolete!
by Syrk
04 Dec 2018 01:18
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: time to evaluate the perma-everything change?
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Re: time to evaluate the perma-everything change?

gorboth wrote:What I have read here has convinced me that we are on the right path.
So can we ironstone our gear now, assured that it will not be taken away by some future change?