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by Taro
21 Oct 2016 12:46
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Problems Thread
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Re: Problems Thread

My issue with the brute system is how much qexp to combat xp is necessary to lower your brute. You have to get way more qexp to lower a level of brute than combat xp to raise your brute, it seems. I do not enjoy, and prefer not to quest. But, I am forced to grind at it for hours until my brute drops...
by Taro
25 Sep 2016 00:47
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Faerun Projects/Waterdeep
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Re: Faerun Projects/Waterdeep

I asked Finwe about when we'd see some more Faerun stuff. Glad to see it coming! Excited for it. I love Faerun.
by Taro
18 Jul 2016 15:26
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Necroes..
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Re: Necroes..

The guildhall is more or less ready, but further development is currently on hold atm. May take months/years/never. And there we have said overworked wizard :D I'm actually not overworked these days, but rather the opposite (i'm actually very bored) since my principal development cycles have ended(...
by Taro
11 Jul 2016 03:45
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Relic Domain?
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Relic Domain?

> exa relic banner
This is the banner of the Relic Domain. It depicts a pyramid upon an island lost amid a sea of blue

Can anyone tell me more about this?
by Taro
07 Jul 2016 05:50
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: Styles?!
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A portal opens briefly, and Styles peeks his head out. Seeing you, he scowls annoyedly, disappears, and the portal closes.

G, please explain.
by Taro
06 Jul 2016 19:22
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Domain Idea
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Domain Idea

Eberron. 'Eberron is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) role-playing game, set in a period after a vast destructive war on the continent of Khorvaire. Eberron is designed to accommodate traditional D&D elements and races within a differently toned setting; Eberron combines a fantasy...
by Taro
04 Jul 2016 05:25
Forum: Keeper's Korner
Topic: Progress in the last 3 years
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Re: Progress in the last 3 years

Since Cherek linked to this post .. maybe we could get an update here? What sort of update? I haven't used this thread in a long time (let alone this section of the forum!) I suppose I could go through the list and update the colors to show what we've gotten done. Some things on the list may have b...
by Taro
03 Jul 2016 20:57
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: dsay
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Re: dsay

I would also like this for ks and the like, please.
by Taro
03 Jul 2016 20:02
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: Vampires sound scary
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Vampires sound scary

'As the Knight Fergor engages the Angmarim Caldin in the Bree post office, the room grows dark. A scream is heard, a short laugh, and the darkness departs, leaving behind Caldin's corpse.' 'An unknown Angmarim assaults the lone Calian Fanatica. She is worsted and is near death when darkness surround...
by Taro
02 Jul 2016 20:04
Forum: Humor
Topic: First Rule of Genessis
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Re: First Rule of Genessis

When you see [a pretty little kitten].