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by Darken Rahl
20 Nov 2017 14:27
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Topic: Bottchecks
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Re: Bottchecks

Just kill the bots then ?
by Darken Rahl
31 Oct 2017 23:43
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Brainstorming: Dis
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Re: Brainstorming: Dis

Yep - I am moving ahead with it. I am coordinating with the Admin and Liege Council to see about getting it implemented. My current idea is to have it so that if you have dis significantly greater than your stat ave, your items no longer decay at all. Dis equal to your stat ave, item decay is cut i...
by Darken Rahl
30 Oct 2017 23:56
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Trollshaws
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Re: Trollshaws

Draugor wrote:
Amberlee wrote:That would be like knights protecting Kalaman :P
Wich they barely do, well okay, Pran does.

Still, let the goodies grow unless they start shit, where's the fun in bashing heros and titans? -.-