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by Sibbedidenn
23 Sep 2017 11:27
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: ...With the lootsacks from Palanthas
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...With the lootsacks from Palanthas

I have two problems with the Lootsack sold at Daronius' leather shop in Palanthas. Any help would be much appreciated! First, there is supposedly a <sackdump> function to these sacks, either the correct syntax has eluded me or it is not there. I have played with it for a while now and no luck. Would...
by Sibbedidenn
23 Sep 2017 10:03
Forum: Humor
Topic: In game humor
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Re: In game humor

by Sibbedidenn
23 Sep 2017 09:56
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Mouth Cancer and Brown Teeth for all!
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Re: Mouth Cancer and Brown Teeth for all!

I actually may have some useful comments on this! Yes! So the cigars from the Cadu Casino are amazing. The atmospherics are phenomenal, once you light them, you keep on puffing. You can chill with one or just smoke on the go, but they keep on puffing. That is the point. The emote every 15 seconds or...
by Sibbedidenn
21 Sep 2017 07:43
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Magic Map Additions
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Re: Magic Map Additions


I was going to submit the Kalad Wastes just yesterday. Thanks!
by Sibbedidenn
20 Sep 2017 16:05
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Topic: Pebbles for the Haradrim Captain
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Re: Pebbles for the Haradrim Captain

Tarax the Terrible wrote:Make it so u can just kill hobbits to get enough... Then add a perma saving pipe to the quest rewards so u can smoke their tobacco too.
by Sibbedidenn
12 Sep 2017 03:47
Forum: Humor
Topic: Being Truly Evil
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Being Truly Evil

So there are only about 5 (or 7, generously) active necros these days including me. Necromancers who are on every, every other day. Now, I admit I am not the strongest role player and I am more average then evil. I do know of one Necro who is truly evil... all the way to the bones. Every three or fo...
by Sibbedidenn
04 Sep 2017 01:11
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Halflings of Faerun Racial Guild
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Re: Halflings of Faerun Racial Guild

by Sibbedidenn
29 Aug 2017 17:48
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Topic: Where to grind on which level?
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Re: Where to grind on which level?

I haven't noticed any of the faerie graveyard grinds on this list. Apprentice-Adventurer: Skeletons - second level Wanderer-Adept: Zombies - first level Adept-Expert: Spirits - third level These fit within and between your level groups but that is because, at least for me, that is really how they gr...
by Sibbedidenn
28 Aug 2017 09:50
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Topic: Academics
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Re: Academics

I am a newbie, having started to play Genesis this year. The first guild I joined was the Academy though and I love it still. I reached the max title and moved on. Still, I think that for the newbie this is the guild to join for a mage character. It is easy to train basic magic skills while having a...
by Sibbedidenn
22 Aug 2017 17:44
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Topic: Drum Making Quest in Gont
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Re: Drum Making Quest in Gont

Sibbedidenn chuckles