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by Snowrose
06 May 2015 09:03
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Herbs needs to be looked at
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Re: Herbs needs to be looked at

The herb issue comes up a lot in forums and yeah its been on the list a very very long long time. thats because most changes proposed are pritty expancive. even simple sounding changes like making heal/mana/cleanse herbs have a different cool down opposed to stat/resist/food herbs because theyd have...
by Snowrose
06 May 2015 08:34
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Ranger guild recode ...
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Re: Ranger guild recode ...

one simple solution if you insist on trying to link the racial and occ guilds you can apease the elves by allowing Noldor as well as dunidain to have Synergy benifits. maybe have a ME race guild for dwarven and hobbit elder families as well. also its fine to have synergies without involving politics...
by Snowrose
06 May 2015 07:45
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Rarely Used Skills
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Re: Rarely Used Skills

Both skills do tie into ranger abilities but it may also be used in area navagation and quests
by Snowrose
06 May 2015 07:35
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Keeping your titles and basing them differently ...
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Re: Keeping your titles and basing them differently ...

you could always after people hit myth have another catch point every couple of million xp (or a relitive amout of exp similar to the difference between myth and the level below it rounded up) so while they wont as easilly know when they pass a catch point unless they die a few times but theyd still...
by Snowrose
06 May 2015 06:49
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Cadu Forest
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Re: Cadu Forest

they should totalally make this quest reset once a reboot so people can resolve it for extra qexp.. of course the maze will have to change each time. there are a few quest here where having done the quest before only makes it slightly easier if at all, the gelen banker quest is another one that woul...
by Snowrose
06 Mar 2015 23:09
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Herald of the Valar
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Re: Herald of the Valar

the nice thing about the herald ideas so far is thanks to the sets people can chose things that do not double up if you a ranger and dont want to heal/cleanses you take the set that has no heal/cleanse also if yoir a pacivist you can pick a set with none of the offencive powers. (not sure if the her...
by Snowrose
05 Mar 2015 13:11
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Minstrel Recode
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Re: Minstrel Recode

I like the idea of the minstrels being nutral cause in mythology muses were not really good or evil. i also like people moving minstrels a bit more along gypsy/bard (themacticly cool with gypsy camp so close) still a leader/support roll with minor heals but much more focused on buffs/debuffs than a ...
by Snowrose
03 Mar 2015 06:32
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Unable to reply to general board
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Re: Unable to reply to general board

best way to reply to general or common is via forums you can always start a thread or see if there is another thread that it might fit your reply if it wont let you reply directly. admins can move your reply if needed.
by Snowrose
02 Mar 2015 06:53
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Chrome app icon
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Re: Chrome app icon

nothing to do with genesis?!
thats obviously sparkle you can see the tower of realms and museum... if you look really close you can see the infamous lemontree.
by Snowrose
02 Mar 2015 06:32
Forum: Praise and Thanks
Topic: Thank you for multigenerational fun
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Re: Thank you for multigenerational fun

go have your kids solve the bank quest in gelen. See how good they are at "New Math" hehehe id bet 10$ they solve it faster than any genesis vet. the secret to "new math" is only a child can understand it. as fristerating as that quest is it would be cool if you could do it after you solved it. (as ...