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by Rhynox
04 Oct 2010 22:37
Forum: General Board
Topic: Craftsman Guild Idea: Tacticians.
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Re: Craftsman Guild Idea: Tacticians.

This goes against the basic idea of craftsmen... although it would be interesting for a layman guild, although it would pick stuff from the knights, old mercenaries and the old discipline system...
by Rhynox
27 Sep 2010 04:24
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: herbs/packs/etc. saving time
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Re: herbs/packs/etc. saving time

Restrict your character for two weeks, that will keep your herbs with you since they are not unique items and you are stating beforehand that you will be away for at least that long. Oh, it only supports up to one month? Maybe that should be reviewed. Doesn't save your herbs either? Hmm... I guess t...
by Rhynox
27 Sep 2010 04:17
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Ice Wall warning
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Re: Ice Wall warning

Well, Icewall is really, really a dangerous place (especially with the yeti there, and the ships taking 2 minutes to reach it), but so is Raumdor, which is easier to access from Sparkle. Maybe captains could give a hint if you ask them for 'advice', as how dangerous the place is for someone of your ...
by Rhynox
27 Sep 2010 04:00
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Saving racks?
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Re: Saving racks?

Maybe a compromise? The main problems we have are crashes and unexpected reboots (which, truly speaking, doesn't happen that often) and inactive guilds where you lose all your racks because nobody was there to save items. I think keeping the racks the way they are now, but with an autosaving feature...
by Rhynox
08 Sep 2010 17:48
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: Herbal Wiki on Website?
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Re: Herbal Wiki on Website?

If you make Ithilien like the Silver Forest, then the mages and rangers would need to spend the first couple of days mapping areas, then the next couple of days gathering equipment, and then the last days trying to recycle the equipment :P
by Rhynox
08 Sep 2010 17:44
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: layman choices - good vs evil (partly rant)
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Re: layman choices - good vs evil (partly rant)

Shieldbearers can't have a defensive skill (like Militia and Templars that got an offensive and defensive skill they can switch) because they already got stun. When balancing the guild we were offered a defensive skill in exchange of slam, but in the end we kept the slam because neidar damage output...
by Rhynox
08 Sep 2010 17:35
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Limited Items.
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Re: Limited Items.

It is good equipment for a normal run, however if you are going to pfight or you like grinding in some big places (like trolls or minotaurs) you will have problems.
by Rhynox
05 Sep 2010 21:28
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Tricksters
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Re: Tricksters

Suggested it some time ago, but they would lose one of their useful things, plus combat skills (there used to be mages member of them because of their parry skill).
by Rhynox
03 Sep 2010 06:31
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Stuck in forest
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Re: Stuck in forest

I really loved it because it was so simple yet unique. It is just move around and hope for the best. I started mapping it, but soon after I realized it was going to be a pain (I remember someone posting an image of how his map looked at the end), I used a wiki editor. Took me a few hours just becaus...
by Rhynox
03 Sep 2010 06:22
Forum: Game - General
Topic: OgreToyBoy on Khiraa Temple
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Re: OgreToyBoy on Khiraa Temple

OgreToyBoy wrote:Why not add an area to attract a few players, mention it to your friends and hope they
keep their mouth shut and let them have an edge on getting experience or good gear.
Oh, this sounds so familiar...