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by Syrk
04 Apr 2012 04:18
Forum: Humor
Topic: In game humor
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Re: In game humor

climb down Trying to climb down on the Straight Stair the step cracks as you set foot on it and you fall down the stair. You fear for your life.You continue to fall down the Stair.... .... hurting yourself on the stairs .... .... wondering when you hit the ground .... .... wondering when you hit th...
by Syrk
20 Jan 2012 12:38
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Imbuements
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Re: Imbuements

I haven't tried the "buy random imbuement" yet - must be an exciting feeling when you don't know if you get a con-enhancing flaming black broadsword or an earth magic-resisting flaming black broadsword... :) And after - as chance of getting something really useful is not so high - its usually like ...
by Syrk
01 Dec 2011 19:59
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: quests.
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Re: quests.

Alorrana wrote:I like the wensday quests [...]
The Prancing Pony in Bree could give a party every other day and the owner would need some ingredients for the large number of dishes they prepare, like meat or other body parts of specific animal, herbs, some garnish, etc.
by Syrk
20 Nov 2011 18:15
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Non-violent solution
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Re: Non-violent solution

Come to think of it, such system could be implemented in all guilds. People wouldn't go crazy about their brute and lack of ways to get guildstat. Everyone could grind the guildstat tasks (which would also give you regular exp) and to advance in guild ranks you would have to perform tasks specific ...
by Syrk
01 Sep 2011 03:42
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: Necroes..
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Re: Necroes..

Kindly inform me what is needed to enter Nercormancers portal as at my last try as a beastly veteran I did "not feel prepared to enter this portal". Again.

Its kind of discouraging.