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by Okotok
09 Nov 2019 06:00
Forum: Humor
Topic: In game humor
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Re: In game humor

>excuse :D
by Okotok
29 Oct 2019 21:15
Forum: General Board
Topic: Lost imbued sword
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Lost imbued sword

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Someone lost an imbued sword in the sparkle adventurer's guild.
If someone mails me what that sword is and the imbuement on it within 2 weeks,
I'll promptly return it to you.

by Okotok
03 Oct 2019 17:11
Forum: Pictures
Topic: Genesis Needlepoint!
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Re: Genesis Needlepoint!

That's adorable

We should have shirts of that
by Okotok
12 Aug 2019 00:03
Forum: Game - General
Topic: New Sparkle Content
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Re: New Sparkle Content

by Okotok
23 Jun 2019 22:35
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Small annoying things...
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Re: Small annoying things...

Dhez wrote:
Fun experiment: wear a pair of gloves, wield two swords, then remove those gloves...Without letting go of the swords.
by Okotok
14 Jun 2019 07:11
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: roleplay tutorial
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Re: roleplay tutorial

Dhez wrote:I began by trying out every emote on npcs, keeping a list of my favorite ones in an open file next to the mud client, and once I had grown comfortable with those I moved on to explore others if they fit the context.
I use this method all the time!
by Okotok
02 Jun 2019 04:32
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Azure sword, but for evils
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Re: Azure sword, but for evils

Johnny wrote:Yeah the sword gives haste, it gives off light, non-dulling, it's an insanely good weapon.
*instantly regrets breaking mine*
by Okotok
01 Jun 2019 19:59
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Azure sword, but for evils
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Re: Azure sword, but for evils

The azure sword gives haste?
by Okotok
15 May 2019 21:37
Forum: General Board
Topic: Re: A large backpack
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Re: A large backpack

It has been a week since my original post about the lost backpack, and no one has mailed me about it. I must not have been specific enough; On May 6 I found a large backpack on the floor of the Sparkle church. Picking it up, I found it contained valuable items. Some of them imbued. I have kept this...
by Okotok
08 May 2019 19:37
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Discord
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How do I join the Discord for Genesis?