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by gorboth
27 Jun 2008 23:18
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Topic: re: Mortimor
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re: Mortimor

Good discussion, Mortimor. I agree that roleplay and exclusivity do not always
correlate. I think the key is that exclusivity allows for a "richer" type
of roleplay in certain situations.

by gorboth
26 Jun 2008 21:34
Forum: Suggestions Board
Topic: re: Beregond
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re: Beregond

<t>I think there needs to be a spectrum available. The game needs to cater to<br/> players who want a free-form experience, but it also needs to cater to people<br/> who want an extremely rich roleplaying experience. Thus, we need guilds like<br/> the Mercenaries and guilds like the Union.<br/> <br/...