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by cotillion
19 Mar 2010 18:13
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Free emotes.
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Re: Free emotes.

One possible solution to that might be to prepend emotes with something like..

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emote attacks you.
:Tarax attacks you.
Or would that be annoying?
by cotillion
17 Mar 2010 13:18
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Remove equipment message, bug?
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Re: Remove equipment message, bug?

Yes, this is a bug.

These items send messages to the object which caused the execution of an action rather than the wearer.
This works for 'remove' which is issued by the player most of the time, but when other situations force the
wearer to remove an item the message will end up in the wrong place.
by cotillion
11 Mar 2010 12:11
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Playerkilling
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Re: Playerkilling

I guess that some characters like to be able to exude and atmosphere of menace, its crucial to their current roleplay and if they have their teeth pulled they will feel somehow powerless and unable to play their char. For example, years ago I was passing through shire and discovered a room that was...
by cotillion
10 Mar 2010 18:27
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Spellcasting - Breaking Concentration and Balance
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Re: Playerkilling

It's extremely hard to break someones spell concentration now. What was happening was that any spell with a cast time of more than a combat round was always broken. The problem was that the formula used did not scale at all with how the damage output of players has increased over the years. Imagine ...
by cotillion
08 Mar 2010 01:31
Forum: Suggestions Board
Topic: Re: Quest Orb Tips, Sooner the better
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Re: Quest Orb Tips, Sooner the better

That sounds like a pretty good thing for players to have to decide themselves.
Go to sparkle to get a hint or spend the time looking for the quests yourself.

Players having to make decisions is good.