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by Eowul
17 May 2010 20:00
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Topic: Moving Toward Promotion ...
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Re: Moving Toward Promotion ...

Like I already suggested to Gorboth, some example could be taken from BatMUD. Their new (I don't know how new, I never played it, but the site looks pretty shiny and brand new to me) website is truly amazing, almost made me start playing it. Navigate to their Game Info section, ...
by Eowul
02 Apr 2010 07:46
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Topic: New Domain ...
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Re: New Domain ...

Hogwarts is so much cooler as Middle Earth, besides there's 7 books instead of 3 to work with, so that will be so much better! I want to switch!
by Eowul
08 Mar 2010 22:09
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Distinguish the official forum from Adriel's forum
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Re: Distinguish the official forum from Adriel's forum

Ideally we'd get a custom genesis skin, similar to the website ;)
by Eowul
01 Jul 2008 10:04
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Topic: Re: Guild Entry
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Re: Guild Entry

<t>Greetings,<br/> <br/> From what I can see there's two types of groups that complain <br/> that they cannot join a guild, the first group is the powerplayers<br/> that do not want to invest the time and energy needed for a role-<br/> playing guild, and the second group that does invest that energy...