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by nils
18 Aug 2016 22:52
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Adding to the Magic Map
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Re: Adding to the Magic Map

Enjoy mapping the Dwarfcamp in Solace-area. One of the tents exits to the wrong room. Maybe that's why that part is not mapped?
by nils
16 Aug 2016 11:49
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: <nhistory> timestamp.
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Re: <nhistory> timestamp.

Wouldn't it be possible to have an optional timestamp for everything?

options timestamp on/off

Could look like this:
[00:00:01] You scrape
[00:00:02] The guard scrapes your
[00:00:05] You cut
[00:00:06] You slice
[00:00:08] The guard tries to
by nils
15 Aug 2016 18:03
Forum: Game - Equipment
Topic: Awesome Imbuements
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Re: Awesome Imbuements

You study the exotic pair of shiny leather shoes carefully. These are very fine shoes made of good leather that is polished like mirrors. It looks like it is in prime condition. A faint gleam of mithril seems to coat this object. INCREASED DURABILITY A faint feeling of security emanates from it. HEA...
by nils
05 Aug 2016 10:07
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Non-flamey Size Discussion
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Re: Non-flamey Size Discussion

I can´t really see a problem in it other than me having less to work for it.. kinda takes away the feeling of having to work hard to become a true Myth In my suggestion I specifically note that it's important that the amount of grind-time remains the same, but quicker in the earlier levels. Ody wil...
by nils
03 Aug 2016 18:56
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Non-flamey Size Discussion
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Re: Non-flamey Size Discussion

This problem is actually not that hard to solve, but it requires a recode of the brute system. Since I started playing the combat-system (more noticable the hit-messages) has changed. Mortal levels have increased. Stats themselves have increased. Progress-levels have increased. Health-levels have in...
by nils
03 Aug 2016 18:34
Forum: Humor
Topic: In game humor
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Re: In game humor

Ody wrote:
The black-skinned orc says: Those nazgul give me the creeps!
Most relatable thing an orc has ever said.


The malevolent swarthy male orc says: There's one thing that stinks worse than
a dead dwarf. And that's a live one!
by nils
23 Jul 2016 21:16
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Alignment
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Re: Alignment

The alignment system has been broken from the get-go if you ask me. Consider what evil people do in the real world. They care little wether their foe is a mass murderer or an infant. An evil person could also go through life just screwing people over, and not kill a single soul. We see a lot of thos...