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by Bendis
19 Jun 2011 20:21
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Anti-botting Turing test
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Re: Anti-botting Turing test

I can't create a new topic, so I'll have to post a reply to a hijacked :) topic. For anti-botting there can be a different approach: instead of a classic (reverse) Turing test, may be applying "intelligence" would help. We can build a (bayesian) model of what a normal player means. Bayesian means th...
by Bendis
14 May 2011 17:14
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: The social club
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The social club

This will promote genesis among everyone's facebook friends while making the gameplay more entertaining. It will also promote more interaction between players and adding to the fun. Initially will have 3 commands: 1. Check-in Bendis just checked-in the prancing pony. She is drinking beer <- user mes...